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Leather Dining Chairs

Updated on August 17, 2010

Leather dining chairs can ad elegance and style to any home. You can make a simple leather dining chair with basic low cost materials, once you know how to do it you may even want to create your own contemporary leather dining chairs or a set of modern leather dining chairs or even to the more stylish high back leather dining chairs. Once you know how to make your own leather chairs you can start creating a sense of fashion and style to the dining room area in your home. If you are deciding to get a set of leather dining chairs than before you go out to an expensive furniture shop and purchase a dining table and leather chairs you may well consider making your own  first,


Faux leather dining chairs are of top quality and are a well known brand in the market, but let's face it there's nothing like creating something with your own hands and feeling satisfied with your finished work. The key to any home renovation job is to plan ahead and have all your materials at hand ready to start your project and in this case we will be making our very own leather dining chair don't worry if this is your first go at it , it is quite a straight forward process to create a variety of leather dining room chairs with a little imagination.


First you want to take accurate measurements of the chair from all angles, measure the chair from the top, to the floor, starting from the back part of the chair downwards. Then take your measuring tape and measure from the front, this time just till you reach the seat, then from that point take the measuring tape to the edge and down towards the floor so you have now taken accurate measurements of the front of the seat. Then you will need to measure the basic height length and width of the chair.oooooo     

You can either use real leather or imitation, the choice is up to you. Although if you are willing to spend a little extra money, choosing real leather for a good looking black leather dining chair will definitely empress your visitors

Over Hang

Leave at least 4 1/2 inches of over hang or as much as you need to because you will be adding foam underneath your leather seat and to the back , and also to ensure that you can secure the leather to the chair at the final stages. Next measure out some foam, this should be pretty straight forward, measure out one for the seat and one for the back rest. Once you have done all you measurements you can then go about securing the leather over the foam and then to your chair.

Securing The Leather

Make sure that the leather wraps tight and firmly around the foam before securing it to the chair. You will need to use a staple gun to staple each corner so that you will get a basic tight fit and then you can use a strong glue to ensure the rest is set , you may choose to use the staple gun to secure the whole thing but the finishing look won't be as good . Don't worry too much if your first go at it is a blotch up you will be better the next time round if you feel you need a bit of practice at it before you do the real thing. You can always try it on a old rugged wooden chair using some old material until you feel you can do the real thing, as they say practice makes perfect.

Using Different Colors

There are so many varieties of chairs one can create with the right color leather one can make a brown leather dining chair or a set of brown leather dining chairs that will compliment any wooden furnishings. One doesn't have to limit themselves to making just the standard black leather dining chairs if you have the right color leather materials, anything goes!. for a more down to earth tone one can make a set of a cream leather dining chairs this color can compliment many backgrounds especially if you have light toned curtains or furniture. For a more fiery look one could even make there own red leather dining chair or a set of red leather dining chairs to match just let your imagination go wild and in no time you will have your very own unique hand made leather dining chair.



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