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Make Entry to Your Home Pleasant and Safe

Updated on October 18, 2014

Door is the identity of your home. The beautiful the door the better is the impression of your guests about your home. However, nowadays it is important to pay more attention to security of the home than to its beauty and so, in addition to being beautiful, the door should be strong to provide the required security.

Regarding material used for the exterior door of home, steel, fiberglass, wood and aluminum are generally used on a wide scale.

Steel Doors

This is comparatively cheaper option of door material, but it doesn’t last very long, if being exposed to damp, salty air and rains. Though steel is a strong material to prevent trespassers, due to its vulnerability to strong components of air, a steel door is not a very good option for the main entry door of home, as far as life is concerned.

Aluminum Doors

Commercial buildings prefer aluminum exterior doors because of its brightness and modernity. Aluminum is much better than steel to withstand the weather elements. Plus its doors can be customized with various types of window and glass patterns. Aluminum is more expensive, but looking at its strength and durability, the value is counterbalanced.

Wooden Doors

Wood is the age-old choice for exterior doors and so it has a traditional appeal. But in addition to beauty, it provides the required strength and durability too. Wood is the priciest material for exterior door, exclusive of customized processing. It requires a lot of maintenance too, but compared to steel or fiberglass, scratches on wooden door are more easily repaired. Wooden door should be refurbished once in a year or two to avoid splitting and bending.

If you are on budget but still wish to have the beauty and elegance of wooden entry door, there is a nice trick to make a steel door look like wooden! it gives you the much desired beautiful look at low price.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass presents extensive variety and has reached very near to acquire the looks and elegance of wood. Though every door material requires some amount of maintenance, a fiberglass door requires the least of it. Moreover it is twice more durable than steel and wood. Though fiberglass is light in weight, it is tough for an intruder to break and lasts for at least 15-20 years.

Specialty Construction Doors

This is a type of material which has an additional property added while making it. The commonest type is fire-rating, which prevents fire from spreading. This is because, during its manufacturing it undergoes a special process. So also, doors can be of sound rating, which means it absorbs sound. Bullet-resistant doors too are specialty construction ones.

If you want to remove your old door but want the old jamb as it is in good condition, you can hang a nice new door on the old jamb and you can do it yourself! Watch it how.

As per your requirement of beauty and security, you can choose amongst these different types of exterior door material and make the entrance door to your home pleasant and safe.


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