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Make Your Home and Decor More Classy

Updated on March 15, 2016

Would you like a far more unique interior design? If so, you are not alone. Many people are tired of their home and décor but don't know what to do about it. Look for some of the following items and incorporate them into your interior design presentation in order to get a far more polished look:

Gold Framed Black and White Photos

Every person has some photos that are special to him or her. If you have some gorgeous black and whites it is not a bad idea to frame them in gold frames. The gold frames set off the black and white and make them look even more special. They can be placed on a mantle and they will achieve an old world look but married to a high polished elegance.

Shakers Pegs

Shakers Pegs are very useful items to have. You can place anything decorative to hang on them. Some ideas include dried flowers or umbrellas. Also distinctive is to have photos hanging from ribbons or hat collections. At first blush, shakers pegs seem rudimentary but the simplicity of them is what is so attractive. If things are always getting lost in your home, shakers pegs can actually help you organize and get items off the floor as well. They can be used in nearly every room.

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Quilts as Tablecloths

A family quilt is a gorgeous accessory to have. People have a tendency to forget that quilts have many uses. In addition to bed coverings and wall hangings, quilts can be used as tablecloths. A handmade quilt can make a table look special. If you can make one yourself, then all the better. Craft stores often give quilting lessons for very little money. You will need to get some supplies. Mostly, to make quilts you need to have patience. The most expensive part is the batting, which must be bought new.

Guitars and Other Instruments

Instruments can be powerful home and décor accessories. Acoustic guitars that are leaned in a corner provide a touch of interest to a room. Guitars can also be hung on the wall which looks great. Learn to play the instrument and it will become functional as well as beautiful.

You can make your home and décor more classy. Seek out articles like musical instruments as home accents. Photographs and how they are framed are very important. Will these small touches upgrade the elegance of your home? Try them and see.


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