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Make Your Interior Design Stand Out

Updated on May 1, 2016

What is your interior design style? You may not know yet, and that is fine. It takes time to develop preferences in home and décor. Just keep looking at different examples and noticing what you like. In time, you will develop your style. In the meantime, consider whether you would like the following suggestions in your home.

Multi-Tiered Cake Plate

It is a good idea to establish a visual focal point for a room. This is achieved by finding one unusual object and building the entire mood of the room around it. This can be done with a nice item like a multi-tiered cake plate. This is because an item that is always "eye-catching," for the table and buffet is the multi-tiered cake plate. Try to find one of distinctive style or materials. These are very effectively used as centerpieces. They can be decorated with seasonal items.

Fabric on the Walls

People have a natural tendency to automatically put paint colors on the walls. However, fabric on the walls is far more distinctive. Consider the palaces of old. They were always decorated with a colorful and distinctive tapestry. These tapestries that adorned the walls of noblemen of old were worth a great deal.

Which Home Accent Do You Like Most?

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Home and Décor Accents

Bright Painted Clay Jars
Wicker Serving Trays
beautiful and practical
accent piece
made of wood marble and other materials
cultural significance
useful for breakfast in bed
can be a focal point or centerpiece
useful for taking tea
used indoors and outdoors

Hang Hats on Large Hooks

Large hooks are very useful in a home. They also provide an opportunity to be very ornamental. Many things can be collected and hung on hooks. For home decoration purposes, it is wise to collect both small and large hooks.

Brightly Painted Jars as Interior Design Accent

It is always wise to combine beauty with practicality in interior design. Using brightly painted jars is one way to do this. Different cultures create distinct jars and it can be fun to collect them. Jars can be decorative or used in daily life, or both.

Wire Baskets and Wicker Serving Trays

Wire baskets look beautiful in the kitchen. They are particularly nice for holding fruit. They can sit on tables but actually look much better hanging. Many people like to hang grapes from wire baskets as they look really lovely hanging down.

Wicker serving trays are very inexpensive to get, yet they make a fine home and décor accent piece. They are very usable in day-to-day life and are often displayed on side buffet tables. Many people enjoy serving breakfast in bed on wicker serving trays. Still others enjoy taking tea as served on wicker serving trays.

Russian Craft Dolls

People all over the world collect dolls of different types. One of the most striking of these is the Russian craft doll. Russian craft dolls are nesting dolls that stack. They are occasionally made of porcelain, often of wood.

Wooden Bowls

At first glance, it may seem as though wooden bowls and table ware are rather sparse. When a home is otherwise filled with ornate objects, the sparseness of wood makes an interesting contrast. Wood bowls are sometimes handcrafted, which can make for finer quality. They last a very long time.

Fountains and Sculptures

Fountains are usually focal points and they add great elegance. Fountains are used mostly outdoors in the case of large fountains. Smaller fountains are used indoors. The main point to remember about fountains is to keep the water in them very clean.

Sculptures are made of many types of materials from stone to wood and even marble. They are also found in various sizes. Sculptures are home and décor accents that add interest to a home. Some can also serve as focal points of a room, depending upon the size of the sculpture.

Making your interior design stand out is not impossible. It is not too hard to find beautiful fabrics to hang on the walls. You could also utilize large hooks to make a home gorgeous and also for utilitarian purposes as well. Find some different accents like a multi-tiered cake plate and use it as a room's focal point. Your interior design will look outstanding.


Read, Mimi Tom Scheerer Decorates (2013) The Vendome Press, New York, NY: 10021.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 17 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      great suggestions, i think the wall mural would be captivating

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 17 months ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing your creative skills on home interiors. Interesting suggestions!