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Make Your Kitchen More Fun With a Cool Bowl Set

Updated on May 24, 2009

Eating is something that we all do every single day of our lives. Many people get into a routine with their meals. That’s unfortunate because if you can make those every day things more exciting then you can easily add more fun to your life. Eating is a really easy thing to make more exciting. You can try new recipes (or even new foods!). You can invite people to join you for meals. You can try to be mindful when making and eating food so that you can live a bit of the “be here now” lifestyle. And you can also just make things more fun in the kitchen by using a bowl set and other dishes that are fun enough to make you excited about your meals.

Take a look at these cool bowl set options that can make your life a bit more fun:

Vinyl Record Bowl Set

This is actually a really cool bowl set idea that you can either purchase or easily make yourself as a DIY craft. The basic idea is that you take an old vinyl record and melt it down a little bit. You then shape it into a bit of a curvaceous bowl-shape. The next thing you know, you’ve got a funky fun bowl set which is great for holding things like chips or popcorn. This is a really fun bowl set to keep around for use with guests and it’s also fun to just settle down in front of the TV set with it.

Bamboo Bowl Set

A bamboo bowl set is great for you if you’re someone who likes natural materials in the kitchen. Bamboo bowls are eco-friendly and really healthy to eat from. You can learn more about the different benefits of bamboo bowl sets from this great hub on the topic. If you start to shop around for a bamboo bowl set then you will see that this is a popular item with a lot of styles and sizes to choose from so you can really personalize what you get when selecting this type of bowl set for making your kitchen more fun.

Hardwood Bowl Set

Bamboo isn’t the only great natural material that you can opt for when choosing a new bowl set for your kitchen. You may also want to consider the choice of a hardwood bowl set. These are beautiful bowls that last a long time and can be a great natural addition to the kitchen. They’re ideal for salads and chip dishes. You can choose from a number of different types of woods, colors and designs so this is a great choice if you’re interested in doing some shopping around and finding a natural bowl set that is perfect for you.

Udon Noodle Bowl Set

If you eat a lot of noodle-based soups and stir fry dishes then these uniquely-designed bowls are a really great choice for you. Each piece is a combination between a cup and a bowl which is exactly what you want when eating soups. It also has a built-in place to hold your chopsticks for you. The entire bowl set comes in really cute colors and is a great addition to the other bowls that you have in your kitchen.

Mad Hatter Bowl Set

Drinking your morning coffee or tea would be so much more fun if it came in a cup that would make you smile wouldn’t it? The Mad Hatter Bowl Set made by Jorine Oosterhoff includes a full set of dishes that is designed to make you smile. It’s a beautiful, simple white porcelain bowl set but each bowl / cup comes with a lid and little feet so it looks like you’re eating of fun little characters. Wouldn’t this make your meals more enjoyable?

Recycled Glass Bowl Set

If you’re the kind of person who finds colored glass and mosaics to be strikingly beautiful then you may want to consider eating out of recycled glass bowls. Broken glass is recycled into beautiful dishes that exude color and style. For people who aren’t keen on the bright colors, there is also the alternative option of getting recycled glass bowls that have been made from old glass windows. Either way you end up with a unique handcrafted bowl set that’s enjoyable to eat from.

War Bowl Set

If you’re into beautiful things that aren’t necessarily “pretty” in a typical way then perhaps you’d be interested in the artsy war bowl set. This is a set of three bowls that have been made from taking toy soldiers and melting them together to create the bowls. These bowls are more for decoration than use in the kitchen but they could be used for some items and they certainly make the kitchen more interesting.

Modern Chiasso Bowl Set

If you’re looking for something more modern in design then the line of bowls from Chiasso is a great place to start looking. Their “twist bowl” fruit bowl is a particularly fun piece but they have several other uniquely-shaped metal bowls that appear to be really enjoyable to eat off of. Their scoop bowls are part bowl, part art.

These are just some of the really unique and fun bowl sets that you can choose to get for your kitchen. Try to picture your daily life if you used these bowls instead of the ones that you're currently using? Wouldn't it be just a little bit different? The little things in life are the things that can bring us the most joy if we allow them to but all too often we just fall into a routine and don't derive joy from those things at all. We can change that easily by purchasing little things that make a difference to those routines. A really fun bowl set is a great start! 


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  • askjanbrass profile image

    askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    How exciting, I've seen the vinyl record bowls before and they are very cool. I've never seen or heard of any of these other bowl ideas, though. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Eaglekiwi profile image

    Eaglekiwi 8 years ago from -Oceania

    Fantastic and fun read. Thankyou.

  • Guardian1 profile image

    Guardian1 8 years ago

    Oh, a kindred spirit. I am a bowl finatic ;-). Cool hub.