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Make a small room look spacious

Updated on March 18, 2014

How to Make a small room look spacious and give it an amiable and cool look ?

Interior decoration of a small room or a studio reflects how talented your are at your work, you can be your own interior designer,You can make a small room look spacious if you display the furniture properly . Today when an apartment or a studio is rented ,it becomes difficult for a person to give it a spacious look .Your little effort can change the look of the room .

Giving small room or a studio a spacious look is the biggest challenge .Many families have apartments that have small rooms and low ceilings. Sometimes decorating them is difficult and confusing but some simple transformation in a small room gives it a big look.

Tips to follow

  1. Aim for three points of light, one overhead fixture and two table lamps ,its noted that our eyes travels to the lights first .Any space that is in the shadow is like a space you don't have .
  2. Space out artwork with your talent -Start at the floor and measure 1.5 meters up the wall the center of your art or photo should hang on that mark.why this works?the answer is that 145 cms is roughly eye height for most people which opens up more space above the work ,making the room look taller
  3. Hang a mirror-the larger the better .Position it across an entryway so that it reflects natural light and gives an illusion of spacious room .It is a kind of manipulation done with art.
  4. Finally to fix a small room we need to remove all the clutters, furniture and accessories, pillows, everything,this makes our task easier.Start bringing things back one at a time, and stop when it's not try to fit things unnecessarily.
  5. Use large scale items in a small room. though traditional it is believed a small room needs small scale furniture, but the opposite is true. putting just a few larger pieces of furniture reduces clutter and gives our eye a smoother trip across the room
  6. Hang your art work or a painting If you are trying to make a room look larger, put large print on the wall, or hang a decorative rug, instead of small collections covering the wall.
  7. Care for windows Keep the windows and slick surfaces sparkling clean. The reflection of clean things will make a room look brighter fresher and larger.
  8. Painting your roomUse light colors to pain your walls because they tend to recede from the eye, paint one focal wall in a rich deep color to add depth to the room. Deep colors are warmer and seem to close in a room.
  9. Finally, remember to make use of double duty furniture in the room as it reduces clutter. Example: A chest of drawers can hold a tv on the top and store all your magazines and games, a sofa cum bed could be used to space out the room It can have a box underneath to put linens in it.

Today when people live in one room apartment or studio they need to be more artistic while arranging their place with the furniture and other accessories


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 8 years ago

      thanks for your comment !

    • profile image

      Kelsey 8 years ago

      Wow, who ever wrote this is pure genius. this made my tiny dorm room come to LARGE life!


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