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Make your Move to your New House Easy and Organized

Updated on June 20, 2013

It is a common thing to find people troubled and worked up when the question of moving comes up. In order to make the moving experience less troublesome there are ways and measures that need to be taken. Shifting to your new house will be as easy and organized as possible when you take note of our proposed steps. Moving from an existing household to a new place will always come with baggage but the main aim should be to remain prepared for change and make oneself comfortable, caring and a bit planned while leaving aside items and retaining things for the new place. Preparation for moving must be done beforehand in order to prevent oneself from haphazardness and commotion.


Call for Help

If you have friends and close family members rely on, then you must take their help and advice while deciding to shift. Make your busy day into a fun occasion by calling friends and family members. Decide whether you need their help for your entire moving or you just need them to tell all your stuff is packed into the moving company’s vehicle. When you call for help you ensure several points of inspection and checks that will prevent you from having items misplaced.

Hiring the services of a moving company appears problematic as you will have to check on the staff all the time they pack and wrap your stuffs. Having trusted friends and relatives will take some burden off you. In order to make your close associates feel important and have a bit of fun you can call in for fast food orders. Ensure the company’s insurance policy is the right place. Also check for other types of insurance coverage offered by the company. Trust the professional and trained staff of a moving company you choose. If you own precious or priceless and valuable objects do not worry as you have the support of your friends and family who will see through the right handling of these items.


Being Organized is Important

Prepare yourself at least a week before your actual move takes place. This way you can gather all the small items in your small bags which you plan to carry all by yourself. Take advice from people who have had prior experience in moving. This way you can have information about first hand accounts of things to do and not to do. Never start packing or doing things just a day before moving. Planning ahead will let you label your items with care and much time to spare. Check all the items before they are loaded into the truck. Moving is a huge task and simple yet planned preparation is very important.


Give Away your Old Things

Do not retain your old items that are not important or necessary for use. Every single thing has its expiry date for use. Giving away items to people who need them can serve your purpose of doing away with the old stuff as well as serving society to some extent. You can donate old clothes and household items to charities and social organizations. Garage sell can also be included if you want to perform the act by yourself.



Transferring all your billing services must be done much before the movement is executed. Your current gas, cable, Internet, hydro accounts and phones must be transferred. Billing addresses must be notified to all the respective companies. This is a very important move. Addresses need to be registered with the Post and Telegraph services. This will save repeated wrong-address mailing.

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