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Make your own laundry sheets

Updated on March 25, 2012

Are you looking for a "greener" way to make your clothes not have that static cling? Well, here is the solution, hang dry! Okay, okay, maybe you don't want to hang dry your clothes and will never not use your beloved dryer. This is what I do. First, find a wash cloth and wet it just a little. You want the rag damp, not soaking wet. Next, get some of your favorite essential oils together and pick the ones that you think will be perfect for your clothes. I use lavender because lavender is my favorite essential oil ever!

After placing your clothes in the dryer, wait until the clothes are almost dry. Then go ahead and take that damp cloth and drop about 10 drops of the essential oil on there. Don't be concerned about the oil staining anything, not going to happen. Now throw the damp cloth in the dryer with your clothes. You in no way have to use a fragrance if you don't want to. I just happen to love my clothes to smell good when I get them out of the dryer. If you could care less about the smell as long as your clothes are clean and static free then by all means, pass the fragrance part.

Another way to help with static cling and to have a dryer sheet alternative is to use fabric sheets. Take a piece of fabric, cut it into squares and soak it in your fabric softener. I have homemade natural fabric softener, but it can be any type of fabric softener. Now, a few quick tips to reduce static without using sheets if you run out or don't want to use them.

Tip #1 Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to your rinse cycle. This will make your clothes softer and don't worry, it won't stink.

Tip #2 Don't dry your clothes completely in the dryer. You can get them out and hang them up the remainder of the time.

Tip # 3 Get your clothes out immediately after drying and shake them out.

I realize these tips do not involve dryer sheets, but it will help with the static. Some of you may just be looking for a way to cut costs and aren't concerned about "green" way. Hope this can help you save a few bucks and realize that you can look into natural alternatives with little pain.

Be blessed!


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    • MelissaMelvin profile image

      MelissaMelvin 5 years ago from Prattville, AL


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      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Great Hub and great tip