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Make Attractive Glass Decorative Plates

Updated on May 26, 2011

Glass utensils are normally very elegant. So plain glass plates can look simply ecstatic if you convert them into glass decorative plates. Glass Decorative Plates can look somewhat daunting, if you think about the painting on it. This kind of plates provide a unique touch to your house. Glass Decorative plates look quite sophisticated as decorations. Painting and decorating these plates is easy. You only have to take care because you are dealing with glass. You need some simple guidelines to follow the procedure of decorating the glass plate mechanically. This may seem hard, but it is not. I can provide you simple tips to make glass decorative plates.

First, you need to choose an ordinary glass plate of any size. You should have certain objects on hand while decorating the glass plate. Some of the items you might need while decorating the plate include tough glue, glitter, tissue paper and wax paper. You may even need a fabric of any kind according to your wish. A sponge brush is also important. The first obvious thing you have to do is thoroughly wash the glass plate using mild water and soap. Then let the plate dry off completely.

Glass Decorative Plates
Glass Decorative Plates

You have to place the plate face down upon the wax paper as a protective barrier to the glue. The design of the glass plate depends upon what you want to appear on the glass decorative plate. Try to use glue that works as a final sealer. Pick up a good fabric of your own choice to suit your style. Then cut the fabric into the size of the plate approximately. Now take out your sponge brush to start decorating. Spread the glue on back of the plate with the sponge brush. Check to see if the edges are even. After putting the glue, spread the cloth piece on it. Smooth the cloth so as to eliminate any kind of bubbles from beneath the cloth.

If you want to make the plate look beautiful, then use these materials along with your creativity and imagination. You can piece the fabric to the perfect shape you need. If you intend to make some artificial bubbles as decorations, then you can make those with the help of the glue inside the fabric. The decorative plate is nearing completion.

Immediately following, you can use the glitter in the design. Put the glitter on the fabric with glue. Set the plate aside. Now, take the tissue paper in your favorite color and make into a ball. If you want to give a wrinkled feeling or want your plate to look shiny, then the crushed tissue can make it look shiny. Now, open up the tissue and spread it nicely over the back of the plate. If you have decided an underwater image, then it is better to use a blue color tissue paper underneath the cloth.

Keep the glass decorative plate on the other side to let it dry completely. Press tightly on the glass with the tissue so that all the bubbles disappear and the decoration is smooth. Cut off the extra bits of tissue paper here and there around the plate. Glass decorative plates in the recent times have become very popular. You can use these plates not only in the kitchen but also in other rooms as a showpiece. This procedure of decorating the glass plates is fairly simple.

After completing the design, make sure to let the plate dry for at least six hours or more. If you want to paint the glass plates, then use enamel paints. Glass painting is comparatively easier than other painting. Always remember to plan everything before you start painting because these paints are difficult to erase. However, this does not mean that you have to buy a lot of materials.

You should not have to buy expensive materials for this kind of painting. Be careful about the enamel paints if you are using them. They can be hazardous to ones health. Thus, keep these glass decorative plates away from your kids. You can try these instructions at home without too much effort. This work requires lots of patience and determination. However, the time you put in will show in the quality. You do not need to be an established artist in order to make beautiful glass decorative plates. These glass decorative plates hold meaning and sentimental value when you make them yourself.


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  • skye2day profile image

    skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Wow I like this allot!! Wonderful idea for gifts or home or parties on and on. You wrote a great hub in simplicity yet precise on how to do this art work. Love it voted it too.

    Bookmarked for future use. Many Blessings neighbor.