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Making a Canopy with Voile Curtains

Updated on August 15, 2010

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be both fun and challenging. There are a wide range of themes, colors and styles to choose from. Frequently parents decorate with the hope that the room will ‘grow’ with the child, and not have to be redecorated every few years. For the young girl who dreams of a princess room, consider the possibility of turning any bed into a canopy bed using voile curtains. This theme is surprisingly versatile.

In order to create the canopy, you’ll first need to determine how you’ll affix the fabric to the ceiling. Some homeowners opt to use strategically placed curtain rods over the head of the bed. Others think outside the box and use any number of objects as the anchoring point for the fabric. Consider a large, decorative open weave basket, or a recycled antique chandelier without the light bulbs. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose, the anchored piece needs to be affixed securely and must be suitable for attaching the voile curtain panels. Using this sheer fabric, and perhaps some silk flowers and greenery, it’s possible to create a beautiful canopy for your little princess with a fairytale feel. If instead the princess prefers some more modern bling, consider rhinestones glued to the fabric for highlights. There are a variety of ways to decorate the basic canopy to adapt it for any child’s taste.

Once the grammar school princess grows into a teenager, this configuration lends itself to a quick and easy re-do. It is possible to easily switch out the sheer panels for a something more fun and funky like some beaded drapery. A different option is to introduce some new colors. If you began with a white voile curtains arrangement, consider replacing the previous fabric with colored panels. For the adventurous (and cost conscious), you might consider dying the existing pieces in one or more colors. With a little imagination, there are many ways to move from a child-like presentation to a more sophisticated, teen appropriate canopy.

A child’s room should be their sanctuary. For those families who have the means to do so, decorating the room in a way that reflects the child’s personality is a great way to make that sanctuary extra special. For those little girls who dream of being a princess, a canopy created from voile curtains is the perfect addition and a great focal point for their room. When that dream has moved on to bigger and better things, it’s great to know that the focal point is versatile enough to be easily adapted for the next stage in her life.


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