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Bead Curtain

Updated on June 29, 2014

Make a simple bead curtain with basic things you have lying around the house. When thinking about bead curtains one just needs to take a look back into the seventies and find that beaded curtains were very much a part of that error. In just about every living room you could find a bead curtain hanging down from door frames through out the house, if you are a bit old fashion and still love the style and statement that bead curtains have, then making your own bead curtains can add character and a sense of old school fashion to your home.

Types of Bead Curtains

It is a very simple process to make your own bead door curtain you may even want to try glass bead curtains or bamboo bead curtains as another option as a bamboo bead curtain will compliment any wood furniture or fixtures in the home. There are many styles when it comes to creating your own bead door curtains. The time you will have to commit to your project will have you banging your head against the living room wall as it is a repetitive process having to slide beads through a string over and over again for 2 hours straight. So it may pay you to take a little time out now and then to recoup and recover from thinking you may actually turn into a bead.

Measuring Door Frame

 First things first you will obviously need to measure the distance of the door frame, slide door or what ever area you intend to put up your beads, curtains can be measured at a later stage, you may want to attach them to an existing curtain railing ,but this all depends on the weight of the beads that you will use if you do decide to put them on railings it may pay to use slightly lighter weighted beads. Also take into account how far apart you want each string of beads to be from each other this will give it a thick or thin effect.

Bead Curtain Made Of Bottle Tops

Weight Of Beads

Once your beads are up they will obviously take on some weight so don't go using any old string to put up your curtain unless you want to pick up thousands of beads and have all your good work turn into stress. A good solid 200 pound fishing string will easily do the trick you can purchase this from your husbands shed or go to your local fishing hardware store, tell them what you intent to do with the string so they will give you the right one for your project.

Purchasing Your Beads

Ok your ready to start choosing the color scheme to use for your beaded curtain. It's not rocket science when it comes to choosing bead curtains for doors you can go to any local  garment or curtain store to purchase your curtain beads, but even before you do that you will need to decide what color your finished beaded door curtain will look like, so what color door beads, curtain style tickles your fancy?. Remember you can have a range of colors on one string so let your imagination run a little wild on this one. Don't  be afraid to ask the store owner for any advice you'll be surprised  at what they actually know.

Measuring your String

Simply cut the fishing string to the appropriate length, tie a knot at the end and (bob's your uncle) yeah i know there's no rocket science to this just common sense. Once you've done that you can start threading your beads together and once you have reached the other end of your string leave a few extra inches of string to tie to the door of your frame, make sure you do this part right as you want to leave just enough length to eventually tie to the screws that will hold up the beads,so be sure to leave that extra length.

Wood To Hold Your Bead Curtain

You have got a couple of options for this last bit you can either drive some nails or screws into the frame of the door and hang each string on each individual nail or screw. This can leave your door frame a little tattered to say the least.I would prefer to measure out a length of wood the same size as the door frame with a thickness of say 3 to 4 inches thick to accommodate for the length of the screws or nails, and also get slightly longer screws to screw the piece of wood to the frame of the door. You can also sand and varnish the piece of wood before it goes up to make it blend in with the frame of the door .Two screws on each side and one in the middle make sure this is in strong and solid as it will hold the foundation of your bead curtain, and there you go your very on piece of history.


Make A Simple Bead Curtain


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