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Making the Sale of First Home Easy

Updated on October 23, 2011

First Home Sale

To sell your first house, you need lots of courage and determination. About 2-years back, recession played havoc with the economy and I lost my job. Although my spouse was earning, but that wasn’t enough. At that time, it was extremely difficult for us to manage our home mortgage together with other essential household expenses. We were left with no other option than to sell our house. The mere thought of putting our home on the market made us extremely emotional. It was harder to convince our children, who had spent a large part of their growing years in the house. However, our financial condition was precarious and we had to take some concrete action.

Spread the word- All of us were emotionally disturbed and we desperately needed some support. Instead of cutting off our ties with the society, we decided to spread the news. We openly discussed our financial state with all our relatives and friends. We were not seeking any kind of monetary help; we just needed a strong shoulder to cry upon. Fortunately, our kith and kin handled our mental state sensitively and helped us to come to terms with the situation.

Evaluating options- We decided to confront the situation bravely. The first thing that came to my mind was to search for a new job. I tried my best to do that, but I didn’t succeed primarily because the job scenario was bleak. The next thing that I decided to do was to cut down the expenses. When I closely scrutinized the monthly budget, I found there were several areas where money could actually be saved. For instance, as I was working, we were solely dependent on readymade meals, which were quite expensive. Now that I was out of job, I made up my mind to cook for the family and save money. I made an effort to slash expenses on several front like phone bills, groceries, clothes, gifts, childcare, gas and medical bills. However, our savings weren’t enough to payoff the home loan.

Getting ready for the sale- Due to job loss, I was at home throughout the day, I had time to look after my abode in a better manner. Regrettably, this time, I was decorating my house not for my happiness, but for sale. I started out with the kitchen area. I meticulously cleared out the cabinets, scrubbed the floor, replaced the faulty faucets and got all those appliances repaired that were out of order. My next cleansing zone was the bedroom. I sorted out all the clothes, and cleaned the carpets, windowpanes and doorknobs. As I stepped into the bathroom, I realized that it needed a bit of remodeling. Immediately, I called upon the plumber and mason and asked them to change the tub, seat and tiles. As far as the kid’s room was concerned, I decided not to declutter it myself, but ask the children to do that. It was a simple way to make them realize that the house would be sold soon. Our living room was fairly neat and clean. Just to give a different look, I rearranged the artifacts, paintings and books.

Market and marketing- Not only our home, but we were also mentally ready for the sale of our first home. Due to recession, the real estate market was in doldrums. Despite of the downtrend, we had to sell our property to raise funds. As we were on a money-saving spree, therefore, we didn’t spend a single penny on classifieds. We opted for free marketing strategies. All the family members were quite active on social networking sites as facebook and twitter. Each one of us had a long list of friends. We decided to use such sites to market our home. Believe me, the results were overwhelming. Within a short span of time interested buyers started contacting us. Additionally, we also got in touch with the real estate agents of our area. Considering the pathetic state of real estate market, all of them discouraged us to sell our property. We literally had to cajole them to help us to sell our house. In between, we also participated in real estate auctions. After all these deliberations, we finally succeeded in selling our first home profitably.


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    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      As a former Realtor, I agree that these are all great tips for selling a home.