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Making your home your sanctuary

Updated on July 3, 2009

When I walk through my front door, I want to feel comfortable. I want to look around my surroundings and feel calm. I like my home to be therapeutic in a sense because unlike sitting in traffic, having to deal with deadlines or stress at work or visiting people and feeling out of balance, my home is where I hang my hat, put up my feet and throw caution to the wind once I shut the wooden door.

Your home should be your sanctuary. With all of the possibilities before you and the many stores you can visit in person or by the use of your fingertips, by stroking a few key words onto your keyboard; you can transform your humble abode into anything you want it to be without breaking the bank.

I am on a budget and people often brag about my ability to find the best bargains around. I tirelessly search the Internet for deals and compare prices to items in nearby stores. Many of these places will barter with you to get your patronage. If you get an online quote, make a copy of it and bring it into a furniture store with you, you can often get the store representative to lower the cost of a similar item just to get you to buy from them. If they won't, then realize that the world wasn't created in a day and neither will your home. Take your time and look for the best deals; cheap doesn't always mean sturdy and practical. You can find both if you look hard enough.

I fill my home with stained glass. I have a couple windows that boast pictures or designs in colorful glass. Other windows have simple bevels and colored glass that can still be seen through. When the sun shines during the day, my home is a beautiful, colorful feast for my eyes. I feel joyous and content. I also add stained glass lamps throughout the house. Some on the ceiling and some free standing. They add a touch of elegance and beauty to the room as well. Looking through distributor magazines, going to local glass shops or even learning how to make them yourself are ways to add color and beauty to your rooms.

Making a room cozy and inviting is easy to do by filling the room up with natural and comfortable items. Big, cushiony furniture, throws, florals, fake plants, baskets filled with magazines and candles all add ambiance to the room. Your choice of colors can make the room inviting as well. If you use dark colors, have your accents compliment these colors. I love dark green walls with beige or white trim. I use reds and softer greens to blend the colors together. If I have light colored walls, I bring in deeper shades and darker colors to keep the room from being washed out. Perhaps you like the clean look of white and want to build a more modern look for yourself. Pick out an unusual looking couch as a conversation piece but one that will provide comfort as well. Pick out a unique color to add as an accent and to add warmth to the brightness of the room. By playing with color and texture in your furniture and accents, you can create an inviting and comfortable room for yourself. Rugs on the floor, even over carpet, add color and texture to your room too.

Bathrooms are under-rated. I love to read on the porcelain throne and I love my bathroom to be as inviting as the rest of my house. An unusual sink or faucet brings the wash basin to the foreground. Painting the room with a sponge or rag in two different colors gives a calming, soft appearance to the room. In my 1/2 bath, I have two shades of green blended together on both the wall and the ceiling. I used a bath sponge to apply. I wanted to bring in purples and some light brown into the room so I attached along the edges of the ceiling greenery that has cascading purple flowers and vines. I put in stained glass lights above the sink and stenciled around the bottom of the wall sayings such as Peace, Beauty and Don't be Afraid to Live your Life. I put pictures of fairies and angels and trees in the bathroom. It's simply beautiful. A unique bathtub or shower can also make your full bath an escape for you. Instead of using regular bathroom rugs for the floor, buy large, unique rugs to lay down. I have floral throw rugs in large sizes in front of my sink and tub. They pull out the colors from the wall paper and bring the bathroom together. I love using wallpaper in larger bathrooms to add beauty and a calming effect to the room. I add pictures in frames and candles for lighting when I want to give myself a soothing bath. Don't forget about adding greenery and wreaths around the house as well. They bring nature and decor together.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place for you to lay your head. A unique head board, pictures or photos that make you feel happy and a comfortable and soft comforter can ease you into a restful sleep. Stenciling around the top of your walls, on your doors or even on wood floors all add to the mood that you are trying to achieve.

Your home should be your sanctuary. The place that you look forward to going to. It should be visually stimulating and inviting. You may find that your friends and family will want to visit more often as well because of the feeling it projects.

So, get started! Scour those fliers, Internet sites and paint shops. You don't have to break the bank to create a special room. Use your imagination and choose with your heart to get the look that you crave and will cherish for years to come.


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    • ljrc1961 profile image

      Laura Cole 5 years ago from Michigan

      thank you clevercat! Isn't that bed awesome!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      LOVE the tree bed! What a peaceful article. Well done! Voting up and beautiful.