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How to make your own cleaning supplies out of basic household items.

Updated on May 19, 2014

Simply Clean

It sounds cliche and repetitive, but times are hard. Many people are reluctant to spend scuds of money on brand name cleaning supplies, and in all honestly... there isn't any need to! A lot of what you need to clean your home are things that you already have in your kitchen!

Windex-- skip it. Vinegar works just as well. Yeah, it's a little stinky but it will fade, I promise. Use a quarter cup vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon and two cups of water. Put it into a spray bottle and fire away.

Paper towels -- Instead of using them to wipe your windows, use coffee filters or old newspaper, with newspaper being the alternative that is probably more cost-effective, since you won't regret using it in the morning when you go to perk your coffee.

Scrub Cleaners -- Instead of using soap pads, cut a lemon in half, sprinkle some salt on your counters, and scrub away. You may want to wipe off with plain water afterward. You will love the scent that this leaves behind. This is a lemony fresh and less harsh way to clean your counters or refrigerator.

You can also use table salt as a way to get stuck on food off your glassware. Just put some on a sponge.

If you have stainless steel in your kitchen and would rather not deal with the stinky steel cleaner, take a half cup baking soda, and a few squirts of dish washing liquid to make a scrub to use on your appliances. You can either get it off using a rag with plain water or really make it shine by using vinegar to wipe.

You can also use cooking oil to clean your steel. Put a few drops on a cloth and buff.

Cooking oil is also great to replace wood furniture cleaners/polish. Use two cups of oil and a lemon's worth of juice to make your own wood polish.

Oven cleaner is one of the chemical cleaners that I hate the most. Forget about using this stuff that hurts your lungs and makes your skin itch. On a day that you probably won't be using the oven, heavily coat the bottom of the oven with baking powder, spray it with plain water until its damp, and walk off. Check back every few hours and re-dampen as needed. If you can, hold out until the morning. Scoop up all the baking soda and grime that comes up with it. You'll have to wipe out the oven to make sure you got all the soda out.

Most bathroom cleaners are super harsh, so use your vinegar and baking soda again to clean your potty. Pour in a cup of vinegar and let sit for an hour. Come back, sprinkle in some baking soda and scrub away until clean.

If you have rust stains in the toilet, save yourself some elbow grease and use Borax. Next time you do get a chance to go to the store, get this. It's super cheap and has many uses.

If your freezer is getting stinky, take a few drops of vanilla extract and wipe the insides of your freezer out.

I personally recommend making this laundry detergent. It can make ten gallons, saving you tons of money. My mother and I just made a batch and spent less than eight dolllars. Quite a deal. It has no scent and that may be hard for you to get used to. However, if you're like me, it's great for washing baby clothes, since scents can irritate a baby's skin. You can also add fragrance if you must.


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    • homesteadpatch profile image

      homesteadpatch 6 years ago from Michigan

      All great ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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