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Makita 4 Cycle Leaf Blower - My Favorite New Gas Leaf Blower

Updated on July 11, 2013
My newest acquisition - a Makita 4 cycle leaf blower.
My newest acquisition - a Makita 4 cycle leaf blower.

The Best Time To Get a Makita 4 Cycle Gas Leaf Blower? If you want a quality Leaf Blower

What happens when your gas powered leaf blower goes belly-up. It gives up the ghost.. kicks the bucket.. dies.. dead.

Which leaf blower do you choose?

Personal experience says that the Makita 4 cycle leaf blower will answer the call... every time.

Do you know about 4 cycle engines? They're amazing!

Forget about mixing gas and oil. Gas fumes are at a minimum. Quiet operation. And furthermore, quality performance.

My Personal Story

Factory-Reconditioned Makita BHX2500-R Blower - 24.5 cc
Factory-Reconditioned Makita BHX2500-R Blower - 24.5 cc

This is the one I got - saved $50 - it looked and acted NEW!


Tools Make Life Easier ~ If They Work

The entire reason for using a gas leaf blower is definitely so clear it never actually gets any thought until your engine does not ignite.

When we moved into our existing home, I bought what I believed is the leaf blower I might go to the grave with. It had been highly recommended and the choice of many expert landscaping contractors. Although it wasn't a backpack device, it was said to be "top quality."

I had been never really overly impressed using the overall performance of my alleged high grade cleanup tool. And after having a lot of trouble even getting the engine started, I took it in for a tune-up. Paid about $50 for a professional small engine repair shop to get my leaf blower blowing again.

Upon my arrival home with my newly tuned-up blower, I could not get the dang thing started. So back I go to the small engine repair center, and, you may have already guessed it, that "blanked-y-blank" engine cranked up instantly. Even so, after I arrived back at my house for the second time, it would not crank - not even a whisper or breeze. I was livid, but I didn't take it back.

Within the next couple of weeks, my push broom got a serious work out, as did my poor arms.

That's it became quite apparent that a tool that does not do its job is pretty much worthless. In spite of super ratings, my leaf blower was worth $ZERO.

Discouragement Leads To Action

That was a blessing in disguise, simply because I NEVER might have gone on a Google search for gas powered leaf blowers if my old engine was working.

My search quickly became focused on the 4 cycle leaf blower once I discovered all the fantastic user reviews. The environment is also an issue, which meant that mixing gas and oil for fuel wasn't my number one desire. And electric power was also out of the question because of the size of my yard - just about an acre.

I wound up obtaining the Makita 4 cycle leaf blower due to the excellent user remarks. This one review especially had an influence on my selection: "My new engine started on the second pull, and I have never had to use 2 pulls since then.."

My working experience has been similar to that review, with the exception of the time I didn't remember to prime the carburetor - I yanked on the pull cord three times and noticed my blunder, after that it cranked right up - first pull. This really is one incredible gas powered leaf blower, friends and neighbors.

If I had to point out the cons, there would be two small ones that really have nothing to do with the performance.

First of all would be the instructions that come with the machine. These were clearly not written by someone with a command of the English language. Despite the fact that Makita has a US division, the instructions were not written in a user-friendly way. A bit of study was required simply because I wanted to ensure I started the 1st time using the correct process.

Next is the prime pump. It's a bit challenging to for those who have fat fingers. However, as already stated, this does not impact engine performance, but since the pump is "concealed" you need to search for it.

The important point here is that I will not be searching the Internet for gas powered leaf blowers, because mine is working beautifully.

I am a very content Makita 4 cycle leaf blower owner.

Note: Pay attention to the user reviews - the Makita BHX2500 has the best star rating of any gas powered blower.

After 3 Years - Still Easy Starting


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