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Where To Get A Makita Thickness Planer

Updated on February 27, 2014

Makita Thickness Planer

Wanting to buy a lumber thickness planer? Then you have come to the right place.

Did you know you can order the Makita thickness planer online and often get free shipping, plus a discount, and with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee?

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Makita Thickness Planer
Makita Thickness Planer | Source

Planing lumber down to a specific thickness is really something that woodwork enthusiasts or a trade person would usually need to do. Your normal home handyman will purchase their timber already dressed to size. But if you are keen to do it all from scratch then a portable thickness planer may be on your wish list.

Makita manufacture both hand held thickness planers as well as the larger bench top style of planer that can plane lumber up to 12 inches wide. The bench top unit is still a portable planer though, weighing in at around 40 pounds. Because of the lumber sizes it can handle, it needs to be solid and provide stability as it feeds the wood through.

The thickness planer we will discuss here is the Makita model 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp. On one site I researched, this model had well over 100 reviews from actual customers with an average 90% rating. With such good feedback, and the reputation of Makita tools, I decided this needed to be looked at.

A lot of thickness planers seem to suffer from "Snipe". This happens when the piece of timber passing through the planer has too much wood cut from it than wanted, and usually occurs at the start or end of the piece of lumber. What seems to happen is that the piece of work does not feed exactly flat into the revolving cutting head until the front of the wood reaches the feed roller located past the cutter. It can also happen as the wood leaves the feed roller located before the cutting head. It is this tipping up of the ends of the lumber that causes issues.

Apparently this has been overcome with this Makita model of wood planer according to the reviewers. As you can imagine this can create a real problem, especially when working with expensive exotic lumbers like walnut or mahogany etc. Regular maintenance and proper feed in technique also helps reduce snipe.

One thing that does seem to annoy most users is that it does not come with the dust extractor/collection attachment. It can be ordered as a separate part for around $20 but really needs to be used for the planer to deliver best performance. The waste you get from this machine is more wood shavings than dust so a normal home workshop dust extraction system may not be able to cope with the heavier shavings. This could be why the fitting is not a standard dust extraction size, rather it is 3".

One solution if you have a 4 inch extractor system, is to get a Home Depot Model IR843 (4"x3" thin walled PVC reducer). The 3" end fits right over the Makita 3" dust hood connection when pushed all the way on and then you can use a Jet JW1038 4-Inch Quick Disconnect to connect your 4" hose to it.

So in summary, this planer works straight out of the box and the blades seem to last longer than most. Check out the Makita thickness planer Here.

Makita Thickness Planer

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