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Maleswaram First Apartment - " Maitree Apartments ".

Updated on May 27, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

6th Main Road.( Nanjundaiah Road the Founder of Malleswaram )

The first apartment to be constructed on the 6th Main Road between 13th Cross and 15th cross in Malleswaram is Maitree Apartment in the year 1979 by a engineer and a 3 BHK costed just 1.25 Lakh and after completion of 9 Blocks each with 6 apartments there were still no takers for many apartments.Today it is a prime apartment and a 3 BHK costs over Rs.75 Lakh and even at that price no owner is prepared to sell his apartment.Most of the owners are senior citizens.This location is a prime place with every good first class facility such as schools,colleges,hospitals,shops,Malls,Temples,Parks,Kids Play Homes,Its own Govt Railway Station and many other social clubs etc etc.It's only locality that is mainly with every facility that it has got not available in any other area or locality.

The population of Malleswaram from the very beginning by its founder Sri Nanjundaiah whose name adores the street near 15th cross and 6th mail had very many famous persons residing here in the past.Their huge bungalows are still as they were during their period.which any morning senior citizen walker will be admiring in nostalgic memory of Sir.C.V.Raman and world renowned kannada writer G.Rajaratnam and Pudukone the shuttle cock player and other like them persons who were walking the same road..The whole area is well laid out with just the numbers as cross roads and main roads except two roads on the main road and two roads on the cross roads being named by the famous persons who resided long time ago.There are two roads well known by all Bangalore residents called as "SAMPIGE ROAD" and " MARGOSA ROAD ".The population of middle class and lower class has come up due to a large Textile Mill which was once a land mark known as Maharajha Mills now demolished and made a huge shopping mall with huge apartment complex casting few crores for a flat built by reputed land developer "Mantri" by brand name.

Malleswaram has Yeswantpur up north,Sadashiv Nagar towords East,Rajaji Nagar towards West and Bangalore City Railway Station towards South.East West Roads are called as cross roads and North South are Main Roads.8th Cross is a Hot Spot will all items that a house keeper needs.The most prominent land mark is TATA INSTITUTE a 500 acre campus built by Jumshadji Tata 100 years ago.

7000 Year old Malleswaram,

A View of Malleswaram without Multi Story Apartments.


108 year old Malleswaram Association.

The Malleswaram Association is probably  one of the oldest clubs in Bangalore which  was established in the year 1905.
The Malleswaram Association is probably one of the oldest clubs in Bangalore which was established in the year 1905. | Source

No one now knows who was the owner but it is standing.

The Plan of Malleswaram Central ward.


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