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Management of Kitchen Remodel Costs: Size, Project Scale and Materials

Updated on March 15, 2016

Any homeowner who is trying to find ways to make his home more beautiful always resort to renovating. In so doing, one has to consider a lot of factors. One of them is to determine which room in the house is to get renovation priority. In many cases, the homeowner wants an upgrade in the house’s kitchen. In today’s dwindling economy, the kitchen remodel cost is assessed on the basis of many considerations. Prime and foremost is the budget that has to be managed as best as possible.

Looking at different interior home decorating magazines and browsing the internet, you will find a plethora of designs for a kitchen. But then, you cannot just copy one design that appeals to you. You have to determine if the chosen design matches the rest of the home’s interior. Some people think that just because they have the budget, they can already go ahead with the remodeling. You will need professional advice and meticulous planning.


Kitchen remodel cost management starts with a plan

The effective management of kitchen remodel cost begins with your plans. The design of the renovated kitchen is not an instantaneous decision. Being compulsive may result to overspending in the project. Did you know that in some instances, homeowners experience delay in the completion of the renovation because they tend to make changes while renovation is going on? This does not only result to loss of time but more so in the loss of money.

With the many interior designers and contractors, the most rational thing to do if you do not have renovation knowledge is to consult such professionals. Your brainstorming with home designers will pave way to deciding the area that needs attention and repair. With this, the problem areas would not be overlooked.

As the plans had been laid out, you should refrain from making changes in the original plan. This can cause delay in finishing the task and it will also entail additional kitchen remodel cost on your part.


Costs involved in kitchen renovation

Most kitchen renovations consist of change in fixtures and appliances. The costs of these items constitute the total kitchen remodel cost which can also be managed. The initial step is for you to check on the old kitchen and find the fixtures that can be salvaged and used. For instance, you can merely repaint or refurbish the cabinets and this will cost less than installing a totally new one. For all you know, they are still in style except for its color thus you will only spend on paint and handles. Contractors have a wide array of suggestions and they can also offer ideas on the possibility of using existing kitchen furniture.

Kitchen flooring may capture a big part of the kitchen remodel cost. But your home experts will be able to suggest different kitchen floors for less. Today, the commonly used materials for flooring are tiles, wood parquet and laminated flooring. These will cost less than the marble and hard wood but will also give your kitchen a good appeal – minus the excessive kitchen remodel cost.

Light is another important aspect of kitchen facelift. Shopping at the right place, you can find exceptionally good lighting fixtures at low cost. Just ensure that you are choosing the energy saving lighting. Your contractor can help you get discounts for the purchase of these fixtures.
The final kitchen remodel cost is on the replacement of appliances. Check out the exact size that will fit the space in your kitchen and your family need. Remember that bigger fridge does not only have higher unit price but this also consumes more energy thus making you spend more on electricity in the long run.

Role of contractors in managing kitchen remodel cost

So – you now have decided on hiring a contractor. Indeed you must as these professionals will help you manage your budget and time to complete your kitchen renovation. You only have to find the right contracting company that will quote you the lowest kitchen remodel cost. And if the quotation is more than your budget, you can ask the contractor to adjust the design that will still create a look that you want.

Size, Project Scale and Materials


Changes in style are also applicable to our homes. It is inevitable that our abodes suffer depreciation and we would think of renovating. In as much as the kitchen is the most frequented room in the house, this could also be the room that is prioritized when renovation is called for. But before you can think of starting the job in the kitchen, your first step is to assess the task and the kitchen remodel cost. Such cost can vary, depending on the chosen style.

Renovating the kitchen can be very exciting for many homeowners. This does not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the whole house but it also increases the value of the property. But even if the thought of renovating sparks our interest, we are sometimes constrained by the kitchen remodel cost that can drain our savings. The huge cost makes us suspend the intended renovation until enough money for the purpose is saved.

What is necessary here is for you to understand the different factors that can affect the kitchen remodel cost because this helps in planning so that the repairs fit into your budget. There are numerous factors but the three basic are knowing the size of your room, determining the scale of the project and the materials for the renovation.

$3,300 - $15,800
$14,620 - $55,680
$56,900 - $124,600

How size affects kitchen remodel cost

The first thing to consider is the size of the room. You can determine this by finding the floor area of the entire space used for the purpose. It follows that the bigger the size of the kitchen area, the higher is its cost of repair. You may not want to change the whole kitchen, perhaps only a part therein. But in doing this, you have to ascertain that the style of the renovated area does not deviate from the style of the untouched area.

Today, your contractor or interior home designer can easily give you an estimate of the kitchen remodel cost. Discussing with these professionals your desired design, the contractor easily gives you an estimate. There is a catch to this though. In several instances the assess cost fall short. The economy is continuously having inflation and prices of construction and kitchen materials tend to go up. If your kitchen renovation is not a closed contract with the contractor, you will have to make adjustments in your pricing. In a contract, the builder computes the kitchen remodel cost on the basis of the kitchen’s square footage.


How project scale affects kitchen remodel cost

When we mention scale of the project, this refers to the amount of work to be done to complete the renovation. There are several things to inspect and repair, among them is inspection of the kitchen plumbing. The renovation may require that the old plumbing be renovated or replaced. Should the kitchen be totally demolished for an entirely new one or should the kitchen just be repaired? In talking with contractors, these professionals may indicate and inform you about mid-range and upscale projects. When small fixing is to be instituted, your renovation is only a mid-range project. For more jobs to do, the work is known as upscale projects. There is never a single occasion for doubt that the upscale project is usually higher.

Kitchen remodel cost vis-a-vis cost of materials

The choice of materials is a major consideration where the more high quality materials and fixtures will naturally have higher kitchen remodel cost. At times, this is one aspect of renovation that requires meticulous analysis of costing. To set an example, the high quality woods cost more than the laminated types. And even if they are of the same wood, the cabinet will still vary in kitchen remodel cost if one has carvings and the other has none.

These are the three of the most common gauge for kitchen remodel cost. But in addition to the size, project scale and materials, the cost may change from state to state or region to region. Only renovators of the same state can give a more accurate assessment. Another factor to consider is the contractor’s value of the project. Different contractors may give different quotes so it is paramount that you find the contractor that renders quality work at the more affordable kitchen remodel cost.

Simple Factors Affecting Kitchen Remodel Cost


Seeing a display of model kitchen, you are overwhelmed because your kitchen looks entirely different and outmoded. And before you know it, you are already searching and inquiring about kitchen remodel cost. Is there anybody who can give a direct answer to this? I believe none because a kitchen remodeling is not easily estimated. You can get a rough estimate but expect that this is never the accurate answer.
The inaccuracy of the estimate of kitchen remodel cost is brought about by different factors. The closest that you can get is merely a range. And this would not even be perfect.

The money allotted for kitchen remodel cost

Any expenditure requires a declaration of budget. So – how much are you willing and able to put up for the project? You have to assess if the amount of dollars you are ready to spend will match with the task to be done on the kitchen. If you can prove an accurate answer, then you are having a good estimate. But even if your budget is within the range of expenditures, this may deviate from the actual kitchen remodel cost. As with any construction, changes in plan occur along the way while work is in progress. And for this, you need to have surplus of money. Your decision on buying a completely new set of appliances or on merely using the old ones can make a big difference in the kitchen remodel cost.

Your budget for the remodeling task is greatly affected by your decision to renovate from scratch or to simply re-face your kitchen. These are two very different approaches to kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovation from scratch

The construction of a kitchen from scratch means that everything in the kitchen had to be thrown away (not literally but just not using any of them anymore). This means you will install new cabinets, tiles, sinks and appliances. Furthermore, the kitchen remodel cost when you do it from scratch also depends on the size of your kitchen area. Needless to point out how big the difference would be.

Re-facing Your Kitchen

Re-facing your kitchen is just altering its appearance or giving it a facelift. Here your work can be confined to minor replacements such as changing the cabinet doors or just the knobs. With this, you just have to spend very little amount. Another way to facelift your cabinets is to change them into inexpensive and affordable materials such as plastic laminates or veneers. You can even find better materials such as woods with carvings if you have more to spend. Another cheap way of re-facing your kitchen is repainting the cabinets. You can also change your faucets. But it is definite that you are not replacing your appliances. In several cases, the bulk of kitchen remodel cost is in the purchase of new and state-of-the-art appliances.

There – you see the two approaches to renovate a kitchen. You can either totally change everything or you can merely change the way it looks through facelift. With the latter, you will surely cut the kitchen remodel cost to as much as only a fraction of the renovation cost if you opt for starting from scratch. However, if your kitchen no longer matches the rest of your home’s interior, you are bound to do more, most likely you will renovate from scratch.

How Contractor Reduces Kitchen Remodel Cost

Renovation is a necessary aspect in retaining the value of your house. The building depreciates and the repairs and renovation will cover the depreciated amount and in most cases even increase the appraised and market values of your real estate property. One center of the renovation process is the kitchen. Of all the parts of the house, this could have the most human traffic. As you contemplate on its renovation, you think of kitchen remodel cost and the way to reduce this to fit into your budget.

The renovation project can be costly but there are sure ways to reduce the kitchen remodel cost. Most homeowners prefer contractors for the project and these professionals is one big factor in the cost of any home repair. However, not all contractors are equal. You might hire one that is very efficient such that the project is accomplished in the specified time and budget. As these home builders may differ, you might be in bad luck to hire one that runs over and above the specified budget causing you additional outlay of money. Perhaps you will find an inefficient company where you experience delay in the completion of the project. The good thing though is that there is a lot of good ones in the construction industry.

Kitchen fixtures and kitchen remodel cost reduction

The efficient contracting company can offer you some viable suggestions that can reduce the kitchen remodel cost. One advice that may be given is for you to consider re-surfacing or refurbishing your existing fixtures. The inefficient may only recommend replacement, an easier job for them – at your expense. One of the kitchen fixtures that can be re-surfaced are the cabinets. You might not want your existing cupboards and pantry anymore because you believe that they are already outdated.

A good contractor may find ways to update and change the look of these fixtures and you will save on your kitchen remodel cost. There are contractors who have dealings with suppliers of materials and they can get what you need at cheaper cost. This again is savings in kitchen remodel cost.

Reducing the amount of work to bring down kitchen remodel cost

You need honest contractors who will tell you the way to save on time to finish the project. They will reduce the amount of work and will then redound to less kitchen remodel cost. They can use techniques that will cut short the amount of time needed to accomplish the task. Re-surfacing actually requires less time and money than creating and installing a new fixture.

Finding and locating a good contractor

You are convinced that hiring a good contractor is the best way to save on your kitchen remodel cost. But where do you locate such kind of contractor? Today, there are services that will help you locate them. The internet for instance is one good source of information. You have to find the contracting company, read the credentials, comments and forums. It may take some time for you to background check a chosen contractor but then, in the end you save lots of bucks for the effort.

There are various ways to deal with kitchen renovation. When you are decided on this endeavor, your best option to save on kitchen remodel cost is to find the experienced, honest and efficient contractor

Who to Hire to Get the Best Deal of Kitchen Remodel Cost

Many homeowners are sometimes wary on deciding whether or not they have to continue with their kitchen renovation. Homeowners know how kitchen remodel cost could be and oftentimes, the original estimate does not hold and instead other expenses pile up. Indeed, the average cost of kitchen remodeling may be varied and the kitchen remodel cost will actually depend on a number of factors.

You can do the remodeling yourself. If you are a DIY (do-it-yourself), you can definitely bring down the cost of your kitchen makeover. But if you do not have the know-how, you can make the matter worse and ultimately end up hiring a professional. This will necessitate outlay of more funds as the contractor fixes the problem.

If kitchen remodeling is not really your forte, you can employ carpenters and workers and pay the labor cost. You can hire a sub-contractor or a general contracting company


Employment of Workers

Even without the assistance of a home designer, you can take charge in renovating your kitchen. The internet is a good source where you can check on various updated styles and designs. There are free software that you can use to design your house. You can do the planning through the help of these programs and you will save a lot in kitchen remodel cost.
The implementation of the design is a different matter. Your kitchen repair may need some plumbing and carpentry work.

Can you do this? So – your option is to hire the laborers to do the work. Your role is to tell them what they need to do. It would be better if you hire a more experienced master carpenter who can assume the role of a contractor.

Hiring a sub-contractor

Another way to bring down your kitchen remodel cost is to hire a sub-contractor. Actually, these are also contractors, only they are part of a bigger contracting firm. This does not handle the whole construction progression but some stages of the building process.

In the whole set-up of a contracting company, there are sub-contractors whose prime task is for the renovation of kitchens. This is the kind of contracting company that you may need. Just like its mother contracting company, the sub-contractor has access to shops that will give discount in the purchase of building materials. They can help you acquire items at cheaper cost. The fee of sub-contractors are normally lower than the fee collected by some big contracting firms. With this, you can save on your kitchen remodel cost.

Working with general contractor

The third recommendation in making your kitchen remodel cost less expensive is through the use of general contractor. This will take care of all aspects of the job – from design to building of the project. Of the three types, this could collect the highest fee but there is guarantee of a job well done. Actually, with a general contractor, you will no longer have to hire your designer as this task is already included in the package thus saving you some additional cost or fee.
You know that the average kitchen remodel cost can vary due to numerous factors.

However, using one of these ways – hiring laborers, sub-contractor or general contractor, you will discern that in the end you still get the best deal and savings to facelift a very important part of your house.

source: Home, Lawn And Garden


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