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Getting The Last Drop With a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Updated on August 12, 2018
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I'm Sam. I enjoy writing about health and mental health-related topics as well as natural ways to prevent disease and stress.


In the world of healthy eating, there is nothing more hardcore healthy than juicing wheatgrass. Sure, you could get wheatgrass juice from the store, but the only way to get wheatgrass juice exactly how you like it is to juice it yourself. That means you need a manual wheat grass juicer, like the Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer.

Whatever model you end up choosing, keep in mind that a stainless steel wheatgrass juicer is going to be a little bit more expensive, but easier to clean and it will last much longer than other varieties of juicers. When it comes to picking the right juicer for your wheatgrass, it’s important to do adequate research to ensure that you don’t just buy the best juicer, but the best juicer for your needs.

It should be noted that you aside from manual wheatgrass juicers, there are electric juicers for wheatgrass, which you do not have to crank by hand, but also come along with their own set of positives and negatives. For those who like the ability to have a little bit more control when juicing wheatgrass, a manual juicer is preferred. They also operate without using any electricity, which makes them more environmentally friendly

The Good: manual wheatgrass juicing benefits

A manual wheatgrass juicer has a number of benefits for those who are trying to live a healthier life. Many models will provide an excellent juice from a batch of wheatgrass, retaining the nutrition while filtering out the grass itself. But why would you choose a manual juicer over an electric juicer? Wheatgrass is not necessarily difficult to juice, nor do the juicers use very much power, but there are a number of benefits to using a manual model over an electric one.

No electricity needed

A manual model needs no electricity to operate. That means you can use it anytime, anywhere—even if your power is out, you are camping, or you are just trying to reduce your carbon footprint. If all of the outlets in your kitchen are already dedicated to other appliances, this may be your own option. The ability to get a clean, quality juice from the wheatgrass, without using even a watt of electricity is definitely one of the biggest benefits of picking manual over electric. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving the planet.

quieter than electric

Manual models are also much quieter than electric models. This is great if you share your home with your partner or your children, who might be woken up by early morning or late night wheatgrass juicing. This adds convenience to your wheatgrass juicing routine, as you don’t have to worry about disturbing your family members or roommates with your machine.

Most are smaller

A third benefit of a manual wheatgrass juicer is that most manual models are much smaller than electric models. Because they do not have motors or other electrical components, the entire juicer comes in a more compact package. If you have limited kitchen space but still want a functioning juicer, a manual design may be much more space-efficient.

Many of these products come in stainless steel, which not only gives you a rich juice, but also looks great, even if you do leave it out on your counter. Stainless steel is also naturally antibacterial and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about the juicer getting gunky over time. Manual juicers will be, on the whole, easier to clean, as they have no electrical component.

Get the last drop

Those who are avid wheatgrass juicers find that manual models often produce better juice than electric models, which create a lot of foam and sometimes do not extract juice as efficiently as a manual juicer. Loam foam and high extraction are cited as high points in the reviews of just about every stainless steel manual juicer on the market, as is the ability to get naturally cold-pressed juice, instead of heat-pressed juice that is then chilled.

The Bad: negatives about buying a manual wheatgrass juicers

There are going to be some negatives to using a manual wheatgrass juicer, just as there are some negatives to using an electric juicer.

YOU DO THe WORK, power

Manual juicers do require a little bit of elbow grease to work the grass through the juicer. When you use an electric model, all you have to do is put the grass in the machine and it does all the work. With a crank model, you are the motor for the juicer, which can be a problem for those who suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis, as the crank can be difficult to grasp or to manipulate.

SOME are expensive for manual work

The cost of a manual juicer may also be a roadblock. While they are generally less expensive than electric juicers, some high-end manual models are quite expensive. Those maid of stainless steel are the most expensive, but are nearly indestructible and will continue producing excellent juice even decades after the initial purchase.

Why Use a wheatgrass manual juicer?

Why us a manual wheatgrass juicer? Avid wheatgrass juicers swear by the power of manual models. While you do have to do all of the work to extract the juice, you will be rewarded with a true cold-pressed, low-foam juice, full of nutrients and natural flavor.

Why Juice Your Own Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is extremely high in some of the most essential nutrients, ranging from calcium to amino acids, to B vitamins. It has more Vitamin C than an orange and more Vitamin A than a carrot. It’s used both for its detoxifying effects and for it nutrients. There really isn’t a better way to pack in nutrients than with a glass of wheatgrass juice.

Three Great Manual Wheatgrass Juicers

Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

This juicer is one of the most popular on Amazon and among wheatgrass fans. The crank is purported to be the easiest to use out of all manual juicers and its polished exterior is stylish and attractive. It comes with a number of accessories that make the juicing process more efficient, and the stainless steel build lends durability to sharp juicing blades.

Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27

While not stainless steel, this juicer still has plenty of power and durability. It is a small, lightweight machine that makes it easy to take with you to the office or on travel. Unlike other juices that cut and then squeeze the wheatgrass, this one crushes the grass for better juice extraction, with minimal work. It’s also the cheapest on our list, coming in around $50.

Miracle MJ445 Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

This juicer is made entirely from stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain. It’s a fast, efficient little machine that extracts plenty of juice from your wheat grass, without also creating a lot of foam.

Hurricane Demonstration


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