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Manufactured Stone Veneer Can Significantly Enhance The Appearance Of A Pre-Existing Fireplace

Updated on November 18, 2015

Beautiful New Stone Veneer Fireplace

Coronado Stone Fireplace Installation Completed
Coronado Stone Fireplace Installation Completed | Source

Selecting your Manufactured Stone Veneer:

Manufactured stone veneer is available in a number of textures and sizes. The manufactured stone you select will be inspired by the architectural design style you are aiming to obtain. The stone veneer that you decide on will have a huge influence on the general feel and look of the project., regardless of whether you’re trying to achieve a traditional farmhouse design or perhaps a contemporary sleek look. The internet makes researching home decor styles and trends much easier than in the past. There are countless numbers of renovation and design gallery sites online nowadays that can help you narrow down what type of manufactured stone will work for your project. It is expensive to change the manufactured stone once it's applied, so invest some time researching and sampling several variations of manufactured stone veneer to make certain you are going to be happy with the end result. It's encouraged that you request a sample of the stone veneer that you have chosen, this will allow you to see the exact color variants and match them up along with the current style in your home.

Some Things to Consider

If you wish to change out your fireplace mantle in the process, it is recommended that you install your new mantel prior to the installation of your new stone. Due to the unevenness of manufactured stone products, It is not advisable to attach your new mantel to the face of your stone. Adding a new mantel after the fact is often tricky due to the trimming and cutting of manufactured stone veneer that would need to be carried out on the wall.

Recommended Tools and Materials

- 5 gallon bucket
- Polymer modified masonry veneer mortar
Drill with mortar mixing paddle
- 2.5 or 3.4
lb . expanded metal lath
Modified truss head lath screws
- Grade D felt paper (
- Plywood
4 inch hand held disc-grinder with diamond blade

Step 1: Before You Begin

Just before adding Coronado Stone veneer products, make certain the surface area you’ll be installing the stone to is clean and free of virtually any debris and dust. Dirt and dust on the surface can lessen the bond between the manufactured stone and the masonry surface.

Step 1:

Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 1 - Before You Begin
Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 1 - Before You Begin

Step 2: Build Your Wall Out (An option)

If you would like to increase your stone installation to the ceiling, you have the possibility of building out the surface on top of your current fireplace. A wood frame can be crafted and safely and securely attached to fur out the wall (notice: applying the scratch coat and stone is going to add even more dimension and should be factored in while planning your new fireplace).

Step 2:

Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 2 - Build Your Wall Out (An option)
Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 2 - Build Your Wall Out (An option)

Step 3: Installation of Sheathing (If Performing Step 2)

3. A layer of sheathing can now be placed over the wood frame. You can purchase several different sorts of sheathing which might be used which include: plywood or cement board. Plywood certainly is the most commonly utilized sheathing for this type of install.

Step 3:

Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 3 - Installation of Sheathing (If Performing Step 2)
Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 3 - Installation of Sheathing (If Performing Step 2)

Step 4: Installation of Weather Resistant Layer and Lath

Mount the WRB in accordance to the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. The 3.4 or 2.5 pound expanded metal lath should now be installed. While installing the lath, it should overlap by a minimum of 2in vertically and horizontally.

Step 4:

Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 4 - Installation of Weather Resistant Layer and Metal Lath
Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 4 - Installation of Weather Resistant Layer and Metal Lath

Step 5: Apply the Scratch Coat

Install a nominal 3/8" thick layer of mortar over the lath with a mason’s trowel. Coating the lath fully with mortar will enable you to score the surface area later. Apply a ample amount of mortar with sufficient pressure to fully cover the lath. A notched trowel, scarifier or scrap piece of lath could be utilized to mark the surface area horizontally soon after the mortar has become thumb print hard.

Step 5:

Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 5 - Apply the Scratch Coat
Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Step 5 - Apply the Scratch Coat

Step 6: Install Coronado Manufactured Stone Veneer

Right after the scratch coat cures (allow for at least Twenty four hours) and before the stone is installed, snap 8in chalk lines spanning the wall for the purpose of accurate horizontal positioning of manufactured stone (this doesn't apply if applying irregular shaped stones). Apply 1 or 2 corner stones at the bottom corner of your wall structure. Mortar must be applied to the back of each manufactured stone piece and worked into the wall with a lateral motion. There is a short and long return for each corner stone. The returns should alternate in opposite directions on the wall’s corner staying inside the chalk lines. Flat stones may then be installed out from each one of the corner stones (This only applies when corner stones are being utilized on an installation). Every additional course that is installed will begin with a corner stone.

Coronado Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Style Name: Quick Stack / Carmel Mountain
Stone Veneer Style Name: Quick Stack / Carmel Mountain

Important Notes:

Manufactured Stone can be cut and shaped with ease. This permits you to fit stones quickly into place, guaranteeing a natural looking wall with tight mortar joints. Use a 4 in handheld disc grinder with diamond blade, a pair of stone nippers or a stone wet saw to easily trim your stone into shape. Note: Always wear safety eye glasses while shaping stone veneer.

Always evaluate your local building codes during the layout stage of your new fireplace.

Sit back and relax next to your amazing new stone veneer fireplace!

Have You Ever Installation Manufactured Stone Veneer?

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