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Marble and Its uses in Construction

Updated on July 15, 2010
Marble tiles
Marble tiles

Marble is a term derived from marmaros meaning shining stone. Marble and limestone are calcium carbonate. Marble is more dense and harder than limestone. Marble is normally white but accessory minerals produce a variety of colors. Based on the properties of marble such as purity, texture, color and pattern it is used for statuary, ornamental and architectural purposes. An interesting info about marble is that dolomite rich marble may be a good source for magnesium and can be used for manufacturing refracting materials. There are many usages for marble tiles India.

Marbles are naturally occurring material that can be used for home construction. There are granite suppliers India who provide these natural stones in competitive prices. Marble can be used for construction of different parts of home. Some of genuine advantages with usage of marble for construction are:

  • Marble provides spectacular look and feel
  • Marble can be cleaned easily
  • Marble can be used for nice interior decoration

The properties of marble that make it unique and useful are:


The major advantage with all natural marble products, granite, and limestone products is their permanence and durability. When you construct your house with marble and other natural stones you can be assured about the longevity of the construction.

Resistance to heat:

Most natural stones exhibit high level of heat resistance. Marbles and granites are proven to be the most heat resistant material available on earth. When marble is used for construction it ensures that there is uniformity of temperature level in your house. In summer houses built with marble are cooler than those built without it. Also in winter marble built houses exhibit warmer temperature level. Thus marble proves to be a natural air conditioner for your house.

Resistance to fire:

Even though usage of marble shoots up the overall budget estimated for construction, use of marbles ensures less damage in case of fire incidents. Due to this property marble is considered as an ideal material for usage in fireplaces.

The above points clearly elucidate the reason behind excessive use of beige marble products in home flooring. There are also several other hidden benefits in usage of marbles. You can observe the use of marbles in ancient architecture. Many ancient monuments and palaces are built by utilizing various kinds of special marbles and natural stones. Since our ancestors were familiar with those hidden features of marbles, they have used it prominently in historic monuments. Taj Mahal, which is an excellent monument symbolizing true love, is built of white marble. This is an excellent monument and tourist spot, admired for its beauty. After many years of existence, even now it is sturdy and gorgeous.

Considering the above facts we are able to understand the specialties of marble and know the importance of using marble in construction. One of the prominent usages of marble tiles is marble flooring India. Marble granite tile ensure longevity and durability for the construction.


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      samson teshome 4 years ago

      marble the best material in construction for decoration.