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Margarita Machine - Buy the Best Machine For The Money

Updated on November 7, 2015


Make a Margarita or Smoothie

Margarita Machine

Margarita Machine

When you go to your local restaurant and order a margarita it comes out perfect the ice is shaved just right, icy yet still smooth, and the mix is perfect, just the right amount of mix to alcohol. All in all a great margarita. Especially on a hot summer day with friends. So you go home and try to concoct that same recipe in your home blender. For whatever reason it's a no go, your blender does not shave ice it actually crushes it. Usually a couple of different things happen. You either have a blender that simply is not powerful enough to handle ice. In which case you are totally out of luck as far as Margarita's are concerned. Or you might have a blender that can handle ice, But, they don't really do a good job of it. So what you end up with is a margarita that will be somewhat smooth but then you will have chunks of ice floating in it. This is not a really great margarita. What you need to make a really great margarita is a Margarita Machine a margarita machine will solve all of these problems to help you make the perfect margarita just like you had at the restaurant or club at home.

Frozen Drink Machine

Margarita Frozen Drink Machine

A margarita machine is a really great thing to have you will have the perfect margarita just like you had at the restaurant or club. Trust me after you buy one of these machines one of two things will happen. Either everyone will want to be invited to parties at your house. Or if you are invited to a party the last thing the person will say to you is hey can you bring your Margarita Machine with you. Believe me both of those things have happened to me. Another great thing about these machines is that they also make great smoothies and shave ice just like you had in Hawaii. Just leave out the alohol for the kids. Using a Margarita Machine is super simple. You simply put ice in the top part of the machine. Then put your mix in the bottom part of the machine put the pitcher in the machine and turn it on. The top blades start spinning and shaving the ice. Then the ice falls into the pitcher and the blades on the blender start spinning when all the shaving and blending is done the Margarita Machine tuns off and you pour the best home margarita you have ever had.

Margaritaville DM 2000

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker
Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

A great budget margarita machine from a company that makes great products. If you are on a budget this is the one for you.


Margaritaville Margarita Machines

Margaritaville Margarita Machines

Margaritaville margarita machines are probably the most popular margarita machines. For a few different reasons. Branding is one the whole margaritaville brand popularized by Jimmy Buffet. Then just the fact that this machine works every time. It's simple put the ingredients in and push the button and it works and you get the perfect margarita every time. They also have very good machines at different price points. That can't be said about all the different brands of machines out there. Trust me there are some dogs out there but I have no problem recomending Margaritaville margarita machines.

Margaritaville Margarita Machine Choices

Margaritaville Margarita Machine Choices

Margaritaville DMO 500 Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker

The Margaritaville DMO 500 is the budget class margarita maker. It comes with a 500 watt motor and a 36 oz. glass pitcher. It still does a wonderful job and gets great reviews. One of the things that they cut back on for this cheaper model is the option to make one two or three drinks and also some of the other buttons to allow you to make other types of drinks. The Frozen Concoction Maker is pretty much for Margaritas and smoothies. All in all a great product at a budget price.

Margaritaville DM 1000 Frozen Concoction Maker

The DM 1000 machine is a step up from the 500 it has a 36 oz glass pitcher. I always like glass pitchers better than plastic they don't seem to be as loud when trying to crush or blend ice. The DM 1000 offers those things that were taken away on the 500 to make it cheaper. There are more drink options. Not to mention the choices to make one, two, or three drinks. Don't tell me you are drinking alone though. Margaritas always taste better when shared with friends. One things that always seems to come up about this machine is it's durability you will see so many reviews that say I've had this for four years and still use it regularly.

Margaritaville DM 2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker

The DM 2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker is the big boy in this category. It has buttons on the front to make Margaritas, daquiri's, mudslides, and smoothies. So you get everything with this machine. It also comes with a much larger ice hopper so you are not continually running to the freezer for more ice.

These margarita machines are all very good choices. There is the budget margarita machine all the way up to the big boy. They will all do a wonderful job making margarita's.

Picture credit Drunken Monkey@flickr


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