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Markers: The Wonder Tool

Updated on February 22, 2012

Innovative Uses For Markers

Household accidents happen. I prefer not to be wasteful and throw something out when I can fix it. When you have kids, there are even more possibilities for accidents and a greater need for repairing things. Over the years I have found the most amazing uses for markers!

The Markers

Every school year I end up buying new markers as part of the supply list. I store all the old ones myself. Markers can become dry. I find it is best to keep them stored in Ziploc bags or plastic bins for the longest usage

HINT: When a marker becomes too dry you can put a few drops of water or vinegar on the tip or inside of a marker. After it sits for a few minutes it will come back to life for a short time.

I recommend keeping all colors, even if they seem hideous now, they can be handy to have available when you least expect it. Sharpies are great because they are long-lasting and the colors are vibrant. It is good to have basic school and art markers, but sometimes the tips are small for larger projects. I have found uses for highlighters of various colors too.


Clothing & Household Fabrics

Fabrics can become stained or bleached. Markers can be uses to repair small areas of fabric. I have used them on curtains, clothing, table cloths, and even furniture.

Here are some examples:

· Bleach spatters on a black dress, or a red shirt. Use a sharpie and dab it into all the affected areas…voila! No one will be able to tell it ever happened. (I even used a sharpie to coat the underarm area of a black dress once when my deodorant discolored it in the wash!)

· There is a tear in our black leather ottoman. I glue the leather back together carefully, the use a black sharpie to dab the affected area. It is unnoticeable.

· A favorite patterned table cloth was discolored in a small section. I used multiple colors to freshen up the pattern and make it usable.

Paper Products

· I use highlighters in all my bookkeeping projects. I make a yellow mark for all completed item. I use other colors for other reasons. The document is still relatively intact and can be used later if needed.

· I installed a wallpaper mural in my son’s room. The picture would not line up on a couple of panels – so I used markers to touch up the art picture so the layout error doesn’t show.

Making Old Things New

· My kids love to personalize their own things. I let them pick a few items (canvas shoes, old denim jacket, old jeans) and draw on them. They also personalize their school binders and book covers in the same way.

· Wall paint can become scratched or dinged. Instead of painting a whole wall, a marker can be used to color-patch the small area.

Next time you find yourself with a small household accident that involves color, think of markers to fix it! Good luck and happy drawing.


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    • nochance profile image

      Chloe Davis Smith 5 years ago from Minnesota

      This is a great hub. I've used sharpies to color in pieces of my clothing before. This is a hub that would really benefit from some personal pictures of a project. But it's still great without it.

    • snakeslane profile image

      snakeslane 5 years ago from Canada

      Hello bborrello, nice tips on using markers. I like the fabric fixes, thanks for sharing.