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The Market For Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Updated on August 16, 2009

Hand Painted Wine Glass

A classy hand painted wine glass
A classy hand painted wine glass

How A Market Has Developed

Wine and its associated markets are growing exponentially in the World. Spain and France have been known as countries where wine has traditionally been drunk with meals but this is now happening in many other countries not least in the US where imported wine consumption is growing but the country's own production is also growing from places like California.

Despite the recession businesses related to the wine niche are also growing fast. Related products such as wine coolers, wine racks, corkscrews and wine glasses are becoming more visible on and offline as people demand things related to wine. The realisation that products related to wine consumption make great gifts which are used over and over helps the market to evolve.

The hand painted wine glasses market has grown exponentially as well, online and offline and even home production and craft fair examples are growing.

The price you will pay for hand painted wine glasses varies enormously. This price range varies depending on many issues not the least of which id the quality of the glassware that is to be painted. There is a huge range of glassware and designs available from long stemmed wine glasses to tumblers. Your choice depends on the preferences of the person who will be receiving the gift of course

You should also consider your skill level. You need to build up a reputation for quality work through selling at craft fairs and possibly online before you can start charging a premium price for your work.

Also you have to think whether it is worth repurposing items such as Bohemian Crystal Glasses by hand painting them. This type of glass is of such a high quality that you need to ask yourself whether your skills can complement the original glassware. At the least you need excellent stencils and a steady hand for painting. It is easier to paint standard wine glasses as the results are not as vital. This does not preclude the necessary concentration of course.

Getting started in the world of hand painted glasses is easy, just Google the term. You will find hundreds of pages with all sorts of information from designs,more about the market and many other related issues. Have a good time looking at this fascinating world.


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    • profile image

      Amy 11 months ago

      Where can I buy one please

    • profile image

      Nancy Kempf 2 years ago

      I do like the zipper glass very much, would you mind telling me what color white is used on this glass.

    • profile image

      Becca 2 years ago

      Love this one with the zipper pull glued on..( assume it is glued on) So many talented and creative people in our world!!!