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Marketing Tips for Sub-Urban and Rural Real Estate Developers in the Philippines

Updated on July 28, 2013

10 Marketing Tips for Provincial Real Estate Developers

  1. Institutional Selling
  2. Use of Local Tri-Media: Print, Radio & Cable TV
  3. On-site Manning and Flyering
  4. Tarpaulins in High Traffic Areas
  5. Open House Events
  6. Awesome Model House, Project Landscaping, Functioning Utilities & Amenities
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Easy Project Details Information Access Online
  9. Competitive Pricing
  10. Intensive Client Pre-qualification

In competition against big developers

There are thousands of real estate developers in the provinces of the Philippines that are now competing with expanding metro manila based developers such as Vista Land, Ayala & Megaworld. This article will attempt to give them a fighting chance in marketing and selling their projects. Here are the top 10 tips that we can reveal to them to show what they can do and what our marketing group can do for them. Of course there are more than 10 ways that they will know if they are will hire our group as their real estate marketing consultant.

1. Institutional Selling

Set appointment with different private and public institutions prioritizing those with most employees. You can conduct an informational seminar about Pag-ibig Financing program on how they can qualify and start owning a house they can call their own. You can invite speakers from local Pag-ibig office or you can have one of your marketing people or in-house brokers trained and become an expert on Pag-ibig. You can target nearby schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc.

Using sattelite maps you can determine nearby institutions and high traffic areas

2. Use of Local Tri-Media: Print, Radio & Cable TV

People in the province can still be widely reach by the tri-media. People in the offices and workplaces are reading local news, listening to local radio and watching local cable tv stations. Advertisement endorsed by their favorite radio announcers have more recall and credibility. While ads posted on Cable TV community channels sometime stay longer beyond the ad posting schedules.

3. On-Site Manning and Flyering

People in the local community easily noticed unusual activities along their thoroughfares and roads. They will talk about it when they get to their workplaces and homes. They will suggest to their friends, families, office and work mates that are looking for houses the information that they got from the manning booth. So be friendly to everyone who takes your fliers or talk to you during planning because if they are not the one buying they will surely recommend you to the one they know.

4. Tarpaulins in High Traffic Areas

In order to reach those who do not listen to radios, do not read newspaper or does not watch tv and do not frequent online putting tarps advertisement in high traffic areas such as bus, jeepney and tricycle terminals is the best way. Make sure you have your mobile number of the most used telecommunication company in the area. Make sure the font is readable from the inside the vehicles where they are setting. If possible get a mobile number that is easy to memorize. Also, post how much is the initial down payment and monthly and they can purchase it through pag-ibig (if applicable).

Example of a Model House for one of the Projects our Coop is handing in Lipa, Batangas
Example of a Model House for one of the Projects our Coop is handing in Lipa, Batangas | Source

5. Awesome Model House, Landscaping, Functioning Utilities & Amenities

You have to make your model house very cozy and comfortable. It must be fully dressed up. The interior design and landscaping must make the house look more expensive so that it will make the actual price reasonably affordable and cheap. For example the house that cost Php800,000 must look like a Php 1.5Million with the model house. You must put a note in the model house that the interior designed and appliances is not part of the purchase and it is just to give idea to them the prospect buyer on how to set-up their house once they purchased it. Do not sell the model house as much as possible. If someone is interested to buy the model house, they can purchase but only use it once another model house is finished and ready to use for viewing.

Also, your project must have a functioning amenities already such as club house, play ground or swimming pool (if applicable). It must already have access to basic services such as water, electricity and telephone line (e.g. with dsl internet connection).

Open house event of one the provincial real estate projects handled by CARENET Coop in Batangas City
Open house event of one the provincial real estate projects handled by CARENET Coop in Batangas City | Source

6. Open House Events

Massive marketing campaigns such as tri-media ads, tarpaulins and social media marketing can focused on inviting prospect buyers and referrals to open house events. During open house you must have promos such as discounts on reservation fees and down payments in order to attract people to attend the event. You can give quota or a contest to your sales and marketing force on how many pre-qualified people to invite and bring during the open house event.

7. Competitive Pricing

People looking for house and lot to buy will surely check-out other projects by other developers. Make sure to benchmark your project with regards to the quality of the construction, accessibility and price. Buyers will sure choose a project that can give them more value at a lesser price. There is no use sticking to your price if you cannot sell your projects for 5 or 10 years. Always price your project based on the mindset, needs and capacity of your target market niche.

Do you agree that real estate brokers must know social media marketing?

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8. Social Media Marketing

People who are living in the provinces and now working and living abroad use social networking sites such as facebook to communicate with their friends and families back home. They joined groups that are unique for their hometown. Find and join these groups or you can create one for them and start an online community around it as the group owner, administrator or moderator. Add value to the members of the group by posting useful information such as news and updates about the hometown. When the moment that you are going to share the local project you are selling to your group members you already have the credibility and your group members will consider your offer either for themselves or recommend you to their friends and families buying home in their hometown.

9. Easy Project Details Information Access Online

There must be an official project website where potential buyers have easy access to all information and details about the project such as unit vacancy, updated price lists, pag-ibig or bank financing requirements or procedures, tripping schedules, contact details and profile of the of developers, administrators and brokers and salespersons. The website must include news and updates about everything to so with the project. It must be also well search engine optimized that when someone searched in google about the project name it must appear in top 1 in the search engine results. Our cooperative's information technology committee offers website design, maintenance and search engine optimization (SEO) to our developer clients.

10. Intensive Client Pre-Qualification

All of your efforts of marketing and handling inquiries over the phone and the internet will be useless if you do not properly pre-qualify the prospect buyer. Make sure that all those who are inquiring are aware of the income and documentary requirements necessary to purchase a property via Pag-ibig or bank financing. If they cannot comply make sure that they can pay cash. It will really be frustrating after you do all the tripping showing the client the project and model house and you found out that they are not qualified to purchase.

Coach Rovel first experience in real estate selling is in Puerto Princesa City. He is a member of theChamber of Real Estate Builders Association (CREBA) Palawan Chapter.
Coach Rovel first experience in real estate selling is in Puerto Princesa City. He is a member of theChamber of Real Estate Builders Association (CREBA) Palawan Chapter. | Source

A note to developers

Developers must always consult and listen to their marketing team in all levels of the development of the project. Doing this they will be able to create a project that is market driven and are easy and faster to dispose. Developers must be open minded and let their marketing people (with track record) especially now in the internet era where there are many ways in doing things, to do their job by listening to their suggestion on how to make their project marketable and sale-able. Also, they have to keep in mind that they will only make profit from real estate projects if they can sell it. Building real estate projects is a gamble if the developer is not well informed and not well equipped. The success of expanding real estate giants is based on their adaptability to new ways of doing things.

If you want to be successful do what successful people do - Coach Rovel.


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    • profile image

      Cheyenne Morrison 

      4 years ago

      Conman Rovel Tomambo (aka Coach Rovel) Finally Convicted

      The notorious Thief, Embezzeler and Conman Rovel Tomambo's application to have his conviction overturned was treated with the contempt it deserved by the court. His arrest warrant stands, and he is on the run. The court denied, due to lack of merit, Tomambos’s manifestation and motion for reconsideration and to recall warrant of arrest, so his conviction and the warrant issued for his arrest stay.

      See attached court documents showing Tomambo's loss of hs real estate licence, and his conviction for Estafa. I can supply you a full list of the contact details of the many people who he stole their life savings.

      While he claims that he made all his money being a bigtime real estate agent, in fact in the entire time he was my business partner he sold one small beach. It was me who developed the business, dealt with all the clients and made all the sales. In return Tomambo stole all my money, my business and 18M pesos from our clients. He left me penniless while my wife was in hospital having my daughter.

      The fact is that Rovel Desierdo Tomambo is a fraud and conman who after 10 years was finally convicted of Estafa, see attached arrest warrant and proof of loss of licence for fraud.

      It’s appalling to me to see this criminal draping himself in the cloak of respectably of decent organisations such as CREBA, and the APO. He has no right to be in those associations, especially as Alpha Phi Omega demands HONESTY as the number 1 criteria in the pledge for its members.

      Nationwide notices of Tomambo's Arrest Warrant will be published in the Philippines media, and I urge anybody knowing this conman's whereabouts to contact the NBI in the Philippines.

      Mr. Cheyenne Morrison


      • I am Rovel Tomambo's former business partner

      • I made every property sale at Elysian Fields Realty bar one small beach by Tomambo

      • It was me (not Tomambo) who created the business and featured by the media

      • I was defrauded by Tomambo and I'm Cooperating with all clients defrauded by him

      Warrant of Arrest For Rovel Tomambo

      A Warrant of Arrest has been issued for Rovel Desierdo Tomambo, please see attachments.

      On June 23, 2008 Rovel Desierdo Tomambo was permanently stripped of his real estate licence, and a few days ago on May 19, 2014 he was finally convicted of Fraud and sentenced to 4 years and 2 months jail.

      1: Rovel Tomambo found GUILTY of Estafa (fraud) on May 19, 2014

      See attached scan of original judgement

      WHEREFORE, the court finds ROVEL TOMAMBO y DESIERDO GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of Estafa under paragraph 1(b), Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code. Applying the Indeterminate Sentence Law, he is hereby sentence to suffer the penalty of imprisonment of FOUR (4) years and TWO (2) months of prision correccional as minimum to TWENTY (20) years of reclusion temporal as maximum and to indemnify (complaint’s name removed) the sum of THREE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php3,575,000.00) with interest at the rate of six percent (6%) per annum from the filing of the information on May 15, 2007 until fully paid.


      Manila, Philippines, May 19, 2014



      Criminal Case No. 07-252867: PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff, versus ROVEL TOMAMBO y DESIERDO, Accused

      Regional Trial Court, National Capital Judicial Region, Branch 30, Manila

      Judge: The Honorable Lucia P. Purugganan

      Court Promulgation Date: May 21, 2014

      2: Rovel Tomambo’s Real Estate Licence Revoked Permanently for Fraud

      Housing and Land Regulatory Board, June 23, 2008

      HLURB Case No. REM-061606-13379

      Real Estate Brokers license #: IV-08-027-2004

      Scanned copy attached as proof

      WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, judgement is hereby rendered, finding respondent Rovel Desierdo Tomambo guilty of demonstrating his unworthiness to transact the business of a real estate broker and hereby cancel the registration of respondent as real estate broker/dealer including that of his agents and salesmen.

      This can be verified by contacting the following …

      Department of Trade and Industry

      DTI Call Center

      (+632) 751.3330

      (+63917) 834.3330

      Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board

      National Capital Region Field Office

      NHA Compound, Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.


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