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Masculine Bedding Ideas

Updated on August 22, 2012

While there are lot of choices for a woman's bedding, men are left with only a few choices for their bedroom. This hub is a compilation of bedroom ideas for men. Some of these ideas go well for a guest bedroom too!

Which color would be the best?

  1. Men prefer their bedding which require lesser maintenance time and effort. So pure white color can be avoided.
  2. Denim blue and military green give a rustic feel while beige and taupe suit well for a room with dark wall paint.
  3. Black is a classic color which all men would love. Black when mixed with little of white can make an amazing sleeping place for a couple.

4 most durable comforter fabric for men

1. Denim: Denim has the natural rustic look and an awesome masculine color. The greatest advantage of denim as a comforter fabric is that, the more you wash it, the better it gets. It is very easy to accessorize a denim comforter and that's why it is a popular choice for most men.

2. Microfiber: Men who sweat a lot may not find themselves comfortable on a denim comforter. In such cases, microfiber is lighter and easy to manage and cheaper too.

3. Flannel: Flannel is the most durable fabric in the "warm and cozy" category. Flannel sheets feel soft for the skin. Some flannel sheets like Pinzon Flannel sheets do not pill. But a locally made flannel has greater chances of pilling.

4. Twill: Twill sheets are unpopular, but are as durable as denim and lighter than it too.

5 Popular Designs for men

1. Stripes are the most preferred masculine bedding designs. The appear as bands of coordinating colors.

2. Geometrical shapes like squares and rectangles with or without stripes inside the blocks look good for men's bedroom.

3. Denim fabrics look good without any pattern, while you can coordinate plain denim blue comforters with khaki or military green denim sheets.

4. Plain Comforters with embossed patterns or box quilted pattern are also good choices.

5. Cheetah print comforter or jaguar bedding look perfectly masculine.

Masculine Bedding Resources

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