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Romantic Master Bedroom Design Helps Marriage

Updated on May 12, 2011

Master Bedroom-Romance-and Marriage

When my husband and I first moved into our home, we had no intentions of decorating right away. Our first priority was to manage the bills on one salary. We decided that I would work for a few more months, then resign from my job to stay at home with our son.

My husband and I knew our roles within our marriage but, it slowly began to get in the way of romance. He was exhausted after coming home from his second job and I was equally tired dealing with a wirery 1 year old. To top it off, I was expecting our second child.

An old friend came to visit our new home. and I gave her a tour. We upgraded to a five bedroom single house, and she was great with decorating so I wanted to pick her brain for tips. When we entered the master bedroom she gasped. I looked around and wondered what it could be that shocked her so. She said outloud “ This is boring! “.

After a few seconds, she expressed that my bedroom was depressing and unromantic. It looked sterile and cold. I wasn’t’ offended because that was the look I was going for. I had babies, so there was no decorations, or additional furniture about. The room was large so I was able to have a crib toys and a few other kids items handy. This was a big “ No, No “ according to her.

Over the next few days we worked on a layout and design for the master bedroom. We shopped at discount and thrift store to save money. In the end, my bedroom was cozy, romantic, and best of all child free! When my husband came home I surprised him with our new romantic space and he was pleased.

Right away we sat down and created rules for our new master bedroom.

  • No children ( with the exception of late night mommy calls )
  • No food
  • Limit Television usage to a movies that we choose together.
  • No laptops
  • No phones
  • No arguing

Essentially, this space was for romance…..nothing more. Five years later, we consider this our place to escape. Just a place for us to reconnect, re kindle, and rehab our marriage.

Water Fountains In The Master Bedroom

Allowing natural elements into the master bedroom, can give the space a peaceful and tranquil feel.

The elements of water, fire and earth are most popular in home decor.

Table top fountains are a great way to incorporate water into your design. They are inexspensive and come in may sizes and styles.

Most are plugin and a few are battery operated.

A fountain may even come with a space for a candle to be added. This gives a very warm and peaceful feeling to any room.

Master Bedroom Bedding

In marriage, it's important to have a space that it just for the two of you.

The Master bedroom is where you will be able to reconnect, relax and relate.

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Choosing the right bedding can turn a master bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

When purchasing bedding, it's best to get high count sheets and pillowcases. It gives the bed an amazingly soft and luxurious feel, adding to the over all romantic feel of the decor.

Romance In The Master Bedroom

The element of fire is warm and romantic.

When introduced into a master bedroom"s decor, it can be very sensual.

In addition to the warm effects, the aroma of a candle can set the tone for a romantic and relaxing evening.

Choose a candle color and aroma that represents the both of you.

Master Bedroom

Does Your Master Bedroom Have Romance

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    • soaps profile image

      soaps 6 years ago

      good idea

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      LSKing 6 years ago from East Coast United States

      @ Thank You!

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      Poetic Lyrist 7 years ago

      Good hub