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Ideas for Decorating Small Rooms

Updated on February 2, 2017

My Furniture is too Big for my Room

It can be challenging to try to decorate a room that is too small. I have lived in apartments, all my life and I really love it. Apartment life is preferred if you don't want a long termed commitment, or you enjoy being close to restaurants, shops and the nightlife of the town.

Since the housing boom much more people than ever, have decided to rent apartments and many of them have a challenge of finding room for all their furniture.

The problem with renting in newer apartments tend to be a lot smaller than the apartment 40 years ago. Builders want to get more apartments in an allotted space, to make a greater profit. So, what do you do to make sure you can live comfortably in your compact apartment?

Big Furniture

I recently purchased a living room set that is quite beautiful. I knew the measurements of the furniture, but some how thought it would fit in my apartment. When the men got the love set upstairs, it fit in the door with little trouble.

When they tried to get the couch in the apartment, it was a whole different deal. They turn that piece of furniture, left, right and upside down and still could not get it in the door. I called a few movers to see if they could help me with my dilemma. Finally, my husband told me he thought that he could get the sofa in the pulling it over the balcony to the second floor!

Well, he covered and secured the furniture, tied a bull rope around it and hoisted it, pulling it on a 24 ft ladder. I finally got my furniture in the apartment, only to find that it took up so much room it drafted my living room space.

Make sure your Furniture Fits your Space

As you can see, I did a little homework, but it was not enough. When buying furniture for your home, get the measurements of that room and the measurement of the furniture to determine how it will look in your apartment.

Big furniture is for large spaces, and if you purchase furniture that is too big, your apartment will look very small.  Another problem when furniture is too big for a space is, there will not be a pleasant flow to the room, and you will not really be able to display the true beauty of the pieces.

The key thing is, no matter how much you love the furniture, if it doesn't fit, let it go and try to find something that is better suited for your apartment.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a room look larger. In the 70's people would mirror a whole wall in an attempt to make a room appear larger.  You know what? The mirror trick works. Something it looked like there was another room.

Well, mirroring the whole wall may not be for you, but you can still use mirrors to give a room depth, reflect light and make the room feel larger than it is. Use as many accent mirrors you need to achieve the desired look.

Paint is your Friend

A fresh coat of paint not only makes a room look and smell better. It can be just the trick you need to enlarge a room.

When attempting to make a small room look bigger, consider painting with lighter colors. Finish your painting with a light or white ceiling.

Lighter colors fool the eyes and will help to make the room appear to be larger. If you prefer bold colors, try a milder or light color in that family.

Let there be Light

There is nothing more depressing than a drab, dark room. Use light to give the room a warm and inviting feel. When arranging furniture, do not place an object like an armoire in front of a beautiful picture window, especially if it is on the dark side of your apartment.

You want as much light to filter into the room. When considering window treatments, do not  weight down the room with thick or heavy drapery.

You want to be able to walk over to a window and look out without any hindrances.  Windows will give the room an open feel to the space and make it feel larger.

Less is More

When decorating to make a smaller room appear larger, don't overdo it with accessories and nick knacks. Less is always more in this case.

If you are doing a living room, instead of using a couch and a love seat, try a love seat and two chairs on the opposite side of the love seat. You will have a comfortable seating arrangement which gives a nice flow to the room without cluttering the space.

If you are doing a bedroom, opt for the queen instead of the king sized bed. If the room is too small for two tables, use one and perhaps have stand up light as an alternative light source. Most bedroom suits come with a men and a woman's dresser. Get the dresser that holds the most while keeping the room open and uncluttered.


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