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Mclane Gas edger

Updated on December 15, 2010

Available gas trimmers


There are a number of gas trimmers that are available to be purchased to be used in your garden or on your lawn. One of the many choices that you have to choose from is the Mclane gas edger. The Mclane gas edger is a popular brand that a number of consumers rely on when caring for their lawn as well as landscapers who are in the business to care for other individuals yards. The Mclane gas edger can be bought in a number of stores that you visit frequently when looking for new power tools or garden tools for your yard and garden. The Mclane company has been around for quite sometime and they do their best to create and build top of the line products that are reliable.

What comes with it?


Mclane gas edgers will be sold with a number of items that are available to be purchased seperately. The one item that comes with the Mclane gas edger is the use of the oil needed in order to operate the machine. The oil is sold in individual containers that will be mixed with a gallon of gas that will then be placed in the tank of the gas edger before you will be able to start the machine. The oil will need to be mixed up with the gas prior to placing into the machine so therefore the gas can should only be used with the Mclane gas edger or other machines that you have that take gas and oil combined.

The Mclane gas edger can be purchased in most stores that sell garden tools or lawn equipment. Many of these stores will carry a number of brands that are all compariable. The difference in the different garden tools are the name brands and the amount of money that you will be spending on the machine. The Mclane brand is a brand that you can trust that will get the job done with precision. The Mclane gas edger will get the job done right the first time which saves you time and money in the long run as some of the other gas edgers will not do the same quality work as the Mclane gas edger.


 Before you leave with your Mclane gas edger, there are some other supplies that you will want to purchase while at the home improvement store as well. The one thing that you are going to need is the purchase of gloves. The gloves will help protect your hands when there are long periods of time of using the Mclane edger. The next purchase that you should make is the purchase of the safety goggles. The safety goggles will help protect you from any debris that will be flying around once you start up the gas edger as there is a chance that there could be rocks in the vacinity as well as the grass that will be flying around from using the gas edger. It does not take much to damage your eye and this will help to ensure that the flying objects will not get into your eyes and either damage your eye or cause irratation to your eye.

What you should have with your edger.

 All of these objects can be purchased along with the Mclane edger by simply telling the associate who is selling you the edger that you will need these items at the same time. Once you have your safety goggles and have your oil and gas can, along with the gloves, you will then want to return home to start working in your garden or lawn.


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