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Meet Mr. Octopus, My Carnivorous Plant Pet?

Updated on January 8, 2013

Carnivorous Plants

Can you see its tiny little prey?
Can you see its tiny little prey?

Very Cool Indoor Plant

My fiance and I have been frequenting Home Depot a lot since we just moved in to a fixer-upper. Upon checkout, I was greeted by a collection of strange, creature-like plants, and I immediately thought of The Rocky Horror Show (remember the giant Venus fly-trap)? Anyhoo, like any impulse purchase, I add it to the counter -just in time to pay- , and thus began my latest and newest obsession - carnivorous plants!

I read the box it came in for care instructions and did a little searching on the web to learn more about my interesting new plant. They normally live in swamps, humid and damp climates so it's important to keep it wet. It was really small to start with (and I didn't think it was going to last), but after I learned how to care for it, it took off! Go fig.

I purchased a "terrarium" home from Dollar Tree and a $5 bag of peat moss (as this is the recommended planting material). Now it's thriving and happy living on my kitchen countertop!

Sometimes I like to kill small spiders, ants, and flies and stick 'em in there to feed Mr. Octopus. I've seen him catch little gnats on his own too. It's strangely relaxing to stare at it for a few minutes everyday to admire its growth and my green thumb. I plan to collect more carnivorous plants to eventually have an impressive little family.


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