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Meet Steve, the Garden Spider

Updated on May 15, 2015

When we first met..

Spiders are known for being scary, it's just something that goes with being a spider. The giant spiders from Harry Potter don't help with that persona either. I personally have never been afraid of spiders, but that doesn't mean I want to go hang out with one. After working at a Pest Control company for so long, I've become more used to creepy crawlies. Back in 2013, I was walking into my parents kitchen and I noticed a spider on the window, so I walked over to squish it.... naturally. I then realized the spider was outside and quite frankly I was too lazy to go ALL THE WAY outside and THEN squish it. Whatever was on tv was way more important than killing that creepy 8 legged thing.

A few days later....

Because I love my parents so much and not because my mom was making her famous enchiladas, I was back at their house a few days later. That spider was STILL there. STILL! Same exact spot, but he now had a nifty little web and was hanging out in the corner. I thought to myself "Good for him... Making a nice little home...". At this point in time, both my parents and brother had seen this spider and how rapidly he was growing. So we decided to just leave him be, the enchiladas were done anyways. Way more important, right?

This is Steve
This is Steve

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By now it has been about 2 weeks...

We decided to name the spider last week and for some reason we decided on the name Steve. Well actually, I chose Steve and everyone agreed, he just looked like a Steve. Anyways, Steve was doing very well and catching lots of bugs, getting really fat too. Every now and then he wouldn't catch anything for a full day and so my brother went out and would swat bugs into his web. Steve grew on us, he'd follow our finger around through the glass window. Who knew spiders could have such personality?

The day we said goodbye...

Springtime is when spiders get really bad at my parents place. Every year we have the house sprayed so they aren't running a spider hotel. Let me tell you a little something about myself, I'm terrified of mosquito eaters and you know what? Steve ate them. While he was living with us he ate those like they were going out of style (mainly because I had my brother swat them into his web) (mosquito eaters are so gross) (did I mention they're gross?) .... (gross)... Anyways.. The day came that we had Bloom come out to spray our house for spiders and we were actually curious if Steve would make it through the spray.


Steve didn't make it.

Here is another photo of what Steve would look like, the European Garden Spider. Notice the white cross on it's back.
Here is another photo of what Steve would look like, the European Garden Spider. Notice the white cross on it's back.

The life of Steve

Steve was a (European) Garden Spider and although he's not the prettiest crayon in the box he had a purpose being here. Steve is harmless to humans, and usually lives in or near meadows and gardens. He can be found near well lit outdoor areas (like our window that had a very bright kitchen light on the opposite side of his web). Steve was given the nickname " Cross Spider " due to the cross that's on his back. That's a marking that makes it easy for you to identify Steve if you ever come across one. When a lady Steve has eggs, she can have 300-900. She will leave her web and go find a cozy and safe piece of dead bark or a lovely crevice somewhere and make an unpleasant looking, yellow, silky sac where she will drop her babies off. So yes, Steve can seem standoffish and scary sometimes. But they mean well, and they're just living their lives like us, one day at a time.

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© 2015 Danielle Schneider


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