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Metal Sheds- types

Updated on February 2, 2013

Metal sheds are popular, economic, and best of all- more storage! Sheds of all types and styles exist today. Some are built like tall lockers, others are small buildings. Storage sheds are made from metal, but also wood, vinyl, or pvc.

Let's explore some of these options together~

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are primarily constructed from steel. Steel is a strong substance that lasts over many years. The frame of a metal shed can be either made from metal or wood. Then the metal siding and roofing is screwed to the frame. If the metal is painted with a quality paint, it should not have to be repainted for a number of years. Be cautious of aftermarket or 2nd metal sheeting. Though it may be cheaper in the beginning, it will needed painted much sooner.

Sheds can be purchased in various stages of completion. From fully built, partially pre assembled, or as a kit one can find just about any type they are looking for. Fully built sheds only require delivery and a suitable place to sit. Sometimes constructed on skids, they are easy to set onto a temporary foundation or a on a flat gravel surface. For more foundation ideas see this post Metal Sheds Foundations.

More substantial sheds tend to be constructed more like a pole building with a wooden frame and metal sides and roof. A smaller garden shed or tool shed may be more along the lines of solid metal.

Metal sheds can have a useful life of 9 or 10 years or more.

Metal Shed

Metal Shed
Metal Shed

Wood Sheds

 Wood sheds are another popular type of outdoor storage sheds. Made entirely of wood, it is a wise idea to have overhangs of at least 12" to help channel the water away from the sides of the building when it rains. Wooden storage sheds require paint more often then their metal cousins, but a homeowner also has the option of leaving it a natural wood color. With the interest in Green construction, metal and wood are both good choices. 

When choosing wood, be sure to notice any deterioration in the paint. Anytime wood is exposed to the elements it will rot and allow water to penetrate into the shed. Over all they make perfect storage for everything from lawnmowers, to toys, to pool equipment.


Wooden Shed

Wooden Sheds
Wooden Sheds

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl sheds, also known as pvc or rubbermaid storage sheds, are a low maintenance choice. No painting is required and for smaller storage needs these vinyl storage sheds are perfect. Available in everything from a small locker to one 6'x8' or larger, they are versatile. Vinyl garden sheds do not dent when hit by a rock thrown by a mower or a child.

Color choices are more limited, with browns, greens, and beige prevailing in the choices. Vinyl sheds also are sometimes more portable than metal or wood.

Vinyl Shed

Vinyl Sheds
Vinyl Sheds

Garden Sheds

Whatever your choice, remember that it should complement your outside home design and colors. Sheds are useful and long lasting if constructed of good materials and also if they are located on a suitable foundation. Metal garden sheds, wooden storage sheds, and Rubbermaid sheds are all a wise investment of money, to protect your treasures.


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    • profile image

      Portable shelter 7 years ago

      I noticed that you listed up the many different types of storage sheds from metal, wooden, and vinyl. Another type of outdoor storage shed is a portable fabric covered shelter. These shelters can be anchored to any surface and cost a fraction of what a wood or metal shelter runs.

    • profile image

      Vinyl Storage Sheds 7 years ago

      I like that you said that vinyl storage sheds are more portable than the metal or wood sheds. I'm planning on keeping my shed permanent, but because of some other things going on, may need to move it from time to time and the vinyl storage shed may make more sense. Thanks.