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Metal Wall Art Exhibition

Updated on March 17, 2011

Metal Wall Art Exhibition

If you have a keen eye for art and enjoy taking in galleries, artists studio open days, craft workshops and exhibitions, you might be interested to know, that in at the Queens Theatre of Barnstaple in North Devon, during the month of May 2008, there is soon to be held a metal wall art exhibition entitled 'Time well spent'.

This exhibition focuses, on an up and coming artist, called Jake Howard, he uses metal as his medium, he has a huge talent for turning a boring piece of metal, into a truly fabulous work of art, bringing life and colour to this solid form. He seems to have an unstoppable wealth of new designs and ideas, that he is regularly offering, his work is all his own and each and every piece is a unique art work in its own right, even though many of the designs are limited editions. This i feel makes them a rarity, as normally each and every artwork in a limited edition, of a particular title, is usually the exact same piece as its following edition/series no, as they are normally direct prints, of an original artwork, or cast from the same mould as the next, but with these they are all individually 100% hand made, directly by the artist, so although they may be made to the same design, and etching patterns, no two could ever be the same, making each one a truly unique piece.

This is the first public exhibition of his wall sculptures and is a follow on from the first showing of his work at the Broom Hill art gallery and sculpture gardens in the local village of Muddiford, just on the outskirts of Barnstaple, where he first exhibited his floor standing sculptures.

The title of the exhibition, is about, how people need to have faith sometimes, in how others choose to live there lives, not everyone is suited to a 9 to 5 job, long sleep disrupting shifts, or fitting in with societies ideals, of how one should spend ones waking day. Very often I feel that talent gets lost and wasted in this world, because people don't have the support, to enable them, to have courage, to follow there dreams and achieve there goals, if they happen to fall a little outside of the norm. I want to spend my life enjoying what I do, and I enjoy creating beautiful things of value, that people desire, to enhance the chosen surroundings, this is what i feel its worth hauling my self out of bed for, each and every day, not the sometimes, tedious, boring and mundane way of life, that might otherwise be carved out for me, if I were to listen to people without a colorful soul.

Beautiful things they are indeed...these artworks need to be seen in person, to appreciate the true beauty, as no photograph I have seen to date, does any one of these artworks any justice at all, as so much of the vibrancy of the piece gets lost, when viewed this way, The way that the hand etched finishes catch, and cast the light, is truly amazing, you would never believe, that a piece of metal could hold so much beauty, as Jake Howard shows us in his work. He has an ability, to find its hidden depths, and mutate its appearance, this is why i would urge anyone, to take a look, if they find themselves in and around the area during the month of May. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 29th April and runs for the whole month of May, at the Queen Theatre Barnstaple North Devon.

Devon is such a beautiful place, with so many, awe inspiring views, so it makes it a good place to come on holiday too, so why not make a night of it, meet the artist in person, at the preview night, where all who are interested are welcome and have a relaxing break, seeing the sights, the west country has to offer.

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