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Metal Wheel Hardware | Flower Carts | Garden Carts | Wooden Wheelbarrow

Updated on September 14, 2012

No need to keep searching for antique metal cart and wheelbarrow wheels to build a flower cart.

If you have been searching antique stores high and low looking for metal wheels to build that perfect cute little garden cart or wheelbarrow, your search may just be over.

These prized old time metal wheeled carts and barrows are highly sought after to display potted plants and seasonal décor.

Carts and barrows also make great flower displays for the small to large commercial flower business.

They are used seasonally for spring and summer flowers and then transformed into the fall season using mums, with pumpkins and a bail of straw.

It is most difficult to find affordable metal wheels to build these carts, and finding ones that are in good condition, well it’s probably not going to be in the price range for a home gardener.

This leads most to continually search just hoping someday they will find the perfect metal wheel or matched wheels to build that special cart.

The solution just might be at Cottage Craft Works .com they offer several affordable woodworking kits, with the hardware and plans to build an assortment of outdoor projects from buckboard wagon seats, kids wagons, and some very authentic looking old time flower carts and wheelbarrows.

You can also purchase full scale reproduction carts and barrows from them but if you want to save on labor and shipping these metal wheels and step by step plans might just be the answer.

The large wheelbarrow plans wheels and axles will build a 66"L X 24"W X 26"H wheelbarrow. A smaller version is available for a 41"L X 15"W X 14-1/2" wheelbarrow perfect for small yards and garden spots.

A large old time vendor cart plans and wheels are available to build a 50"L X 25-1/2"W X 34-1/2"H authentic looking vendor cart. A low rider version paddler cart is also available to build a 57"L X 30"W X 35"H cart.

Most can complete one of these projects in just a weekend!

The plans come with a full material list. They work great with reclaimed wood or you can build using recycled poly wood for a long lasting cart or barrow.

The metal wheels and axles come bare metal to be painted or allowed to rust naturally with bare wood to give that antique patina look.

Carts and barrows are sturdy enough to roll tender plants out of predicted freezing weather.

These carts and barrows utilize a unique independent bolt on axle assemblies, so there is no need for a long heavy metal axle. This also makes the construction adaptable to building a wide or narrow cart.


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