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Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan with Remote Control Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

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“This fan is just what I needed. It’s in my room and with the lowest setting it keeps my room breezy and does so without being loud. In fact it’s so quiet you won’t even hear the motor working.”

“This fan takes up hardly any space at all. If you have a very small bedroom or live in a studio apartment, this fan is for you.”

“The ionizer in this fan is wonderful. I’m a heavy smoker but when I turn this fan on it clears up the smoky air. My room doesn’t smell like smoke anymore. Definitely recommend this product.”

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The summer months can get very hot with temperatures up in the 90s. Most people will turn on their AC but that is quite expensive. Many people want to find another way to cool themselves down without getting a exorbitantly high electric bill. This option would be to use a fan.

One of the best fans I’ve used to cool down my room is the Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan with Remote Control. This is a very special fan and it differs from the other types of fans out there. First, this fan oscillates internally which creates and disperses ions that will reduce allergens and pollution in your room. This makes your room’s air healthier which is a very good feature if you smoke a lot or your room often smells bad.

The design of this fan is also very good. It is designed so that it uses minimal space so you can fit this in your small bedroom or office and you wouldn’t even notice that its there. With its slim design also comes easy transportability. You can move this fan to any room with ease. Included with this fan is a remote control that allows you to set the fan to three different speeds. That way you don’t even have to get up off your couch or chair to change settings. It’s a very convenient fan.


  • Elegant ionizing tower fan purifies air while cooling the home or office.
  • Slim internal oscillating design takes up minimal space for wide range of air circulation.
  • 3 quiet speed settings.
  • Stylish remote control with compact ergonomic design.
  • Programmable shut-off timer of up to 8 hours to help save energy.



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    • shanel profile image

      shanel 7 years ago from Seattle

      Tower fans are much more attractive than their traditional counterparts, and they are quite effective as well. Nice hub.