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Mice and Rodent Defense

Updated on December 1, 2014

The surest way to get rodents out of your home is to not let them get in your home. Proactive rodent defense is the best way to not get a mouse or other rodent infestation.

Rodents include mice, rats, voles, chipmunks, and squirrels. They carry diseases and can be very dangerous to humans when sharing living quarters. It is very important to not share your home or workplace with rodents also because of the damage they can do to your property. Mice cannot control their bladders and pee all over everything and can contaminate human and pest food sources. Mice have caused fires in homes and businesses by chewing on wires. Do not risk eating food that has been contaminated by rodents. If you see signs of rodents activity such as droppings or chew marks dispose of any contaminated food.

To build a proper rodent defense requires knowledge of rodents feeding habits, mating, and living habits. Rodents like warm areas and stay near a source of food and water. Rodents often live in small burrows outdoors or find small holes and live in walls. Rodents food source includes grains, seeds, and plants.

A defining feature of a rodent is that they have two incisor teeth that continuously grow that need to be gnawed down to size. It is for this reason that rodents gnaw on almost anything they can find.

Rodents can squeeze through openings that are only a third of their body size. Mice can even climb straight up walls, similar to how squirrels climb up trees. Rodents are very quick and very smart for the size of their brain.

A solid rodent defense has multiple options but the three basic and most effective rodent defense steps are:

Clean, Clean, Clean

A clean and uncluttered home is one of the best rodent defenses. Rodents will see a cluttered areas as a perfect place to build a nest. Rodents will find refuge in dirty clothes, old boxes, trash cans, and almost anything left on the floor. Rodents can chew through soft materials, so cardboard boxes are not the best storage solution. Rodents like to hide from people and plenty of cover is an incentive for them to call your home their home.

A fifthly area with crumbs or grease will attract rodents into your home and will promote the growth of the rodent population. Thorough cleaning is a great defense to rodents.

Use Rodent Proof Containers

Most often rodents use pet food as a food source. Pet food is often not stored properly and kept in places that attract rodents such as a garage.

You must also seal up dry foods your cabinets mice can chew through cardboard or paper to get to cereals, noodles, or other foods.

Seal Openings

To be sure that there is no way for a rodent to get into your home you need to do a thorough inspection inside and outside of your home.

Inside of your home look for any opening or crack, even an opening the size of a dime is large enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Depending on where the opening is and how large it is you can use a variety of different materials to fill in or seal off the openings.

After sealing openings on the inside of the house, search the exterior. Inspect the foundation, and along the siding where it meets the foundation, inspect near the chimney, if you have a multi-level roof that you can access inspect where the roof meets walls, and inspect where any pipes or wires from outside meet the house such as air condition pipes, electrical wires, and bathroom vents. (If you can hire a good thorough professional to take care of this for you it is often a good investment to make.)

These three steps are simple but they are the best way to prevent rodent infestations in your home. But remember to keep your doors closed and windows on your screens because a common way that rodents invade your home is simply through an open door.

Also even if you think you have a bad rodent problem remember, it could be worse. Check out this rodent invasion and watch this video.


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