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Microfiber Towels - Clean Smarter Not Harder

Updated on July 1, 2011
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel

Cleaning With Microfiber Towels

If you have never used reusable microfiber towels for cleaning, then they should be something you at least give a try one day, this way you could make your own assessment of how well they work.

The washable microfiber towels and cloths help save money and landfill waste, besides the fact that they clean much better than most regular old socks or t-shirt rags that are used for daily dusting and cleaning.

For example, cleaning bathroom sinks, tubs and toilets isn't always the easiest chore in the house to clean. For one, there always seems to be a high concentration of germs present throughout the bathroom.

So what tends to happen, is that some of us go on a hog wild spraying spree with harsh cleaning solutions or strong chemicals to help fight those yucky germs.

Then we might use paper towel products to wipe up the mess spreading around the saturated dirt and grime, only to discard the paper towels in the trash. Others again, may use a sponge type material to soak up the contaminated solution, which also only spreads the germs, soaks up the water and leaves behind a reside on the surface and the sponge.

Those that use a rag again generally use the rag until it is no longer able to pick up or is totally dirty and is then discarded in the trash.

These are wasteful type habits for one simple reason, the microfiber cloths and towels are designed to be used over and over. With the proper storage of the towels after use, meaning being stored in a mess bag so no mold builds up and then cleaned in a regular washing machine. Keep the microfibers separate from other clothing to be washed. These towels then can either be air-dried or thrown in a dryer. This can be a great savings all the way around for both the environment and the family budget.

Microfiber Material

Now I'm not going to go into the general makeup of how micro-fiber towels and cloths are made but I can tell you, from what I have learned, is that this type of material uses stands of microfiber, intertwined with strands of cloth.

The smallest particles of germs actually cling to the surface of the cloth and then is trapped within the strands leaving behind a clean surface. Used wet with light to moderate cleaning solutions or used dry, collecting the finest particles during everyday dusting.

Whats great about these cloths also is they can be purchased and organized in different colors. This keeps bathroom cloths separate from say cloths used for other areas of the house.

This is perfect for eliminating cross contamination during cleaning although after a good wash this shouldn't be a concern, but basic cleaning practices suggest to keep them separate.

Cleaning Gloves for Protection

Another good practice is the use of cleaning gloves. Now of course not everyone uses them and I'm not here to sell you on the use of them.

Some chemicals that come into contact with the skin are harmful. One persons skin may react differently then the next person.

If you like to keep the bacteria off of your hands during cleaning, then having a set of cleaning gloves would be recommended.

A good set of reusable rubber cleaning gloves can last for several months if used properly, rinsed regularly and stored for the next use.


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