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Mikasa Bowls, Platters, Plates, Dishes, Vases, Casserole Review: Bone China, Crystal, Porcelain

Updated on January 10, 2015

Bowls, Platters, Trays

Mikasa will not neglect their accessories and serveware division, despite it being complimentary of the primary dinnerware (fine bone china and casual china) department. In fact, with a selection of several hundred products, all manufactured in the familiar catalog of brand collections and patterns, it proves itself to be a strong stand-alone porcelain and crystal segment.

The range of products underscores Mikasa's character as an all-in-one company that enables dedicated customers to equip their kitchens and dining rooms from the smallest to the largest item. The inventory includes sugar, fruit, vegetable, rice and pasta bowls, casseroles, salad plates, cake plates, serving dishes, vases, centerpieces, soup tureens, and more.

The sheer variety of colors, shapes, and ornamentation allows to address a very wide scope of tastes, preferences, and occasions. Classic designs (crystal in particular) can infuse the table atmosphere with a sense of timeless comfort, and act as an aesthetic focal point, while more colorful and textural bowls, casseroles, or even platters can diffuse tension – both by their visual strength, and by the delicious contents they carry.  Compare to Lenox, Noritake, and Pfaltzgraff.

Mikasa Serving Bowl
Mikasa Serving Bowl


  • Bowls selection comprises such purely functional pieces as pasta, rice, and soup bowls, besides semi-decorative vegetable and fruit containers, and decorative and luxurious crystal centerpieces – essentially flattened vases. Shapes include square, oval, round, pyramid, and others; Antique White, French Countryside, Italian Countryside, Garden harvest, Partridge, Swirl, Garden Toscana, Arabella, and other collection.

  • Platters – over two hundred types all in all – stand somewhere between plates and bowls, in terms of both designs and functionality. First, Mikasa offer platters made of crystal and of bone china (corresponding with vases and dinner plates); second they can be used either during main courses, carrying large dishes (turkey, salads), or as luncheon or dessert servers. This product category displays some of the most curious, interesting and unusual patterns the company has to offer.

  • Crystal Vases become a kind of artistic outlet that channel Mikasa's artistic and creative inspirations. Some of the vases appear very much like ancient urns, others present a traditional conic, curving, concave, or convex shape (carrying etched or solid embellishments), and the most modern pieces reveal strong abstract influences that use color and art glass.


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