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Mikasa China, Stoneware Dinnerware Patterns Review: Calvin Klein, Cheers, Platinum, Gold, Swirl

Updated on January 10, 2015

Mikasa Calvin Klein

In the previous review we discussed such classic Mikasa patterns as French Countryside, Antique White, and Garden Harvest – all of which comfortably display formal and semi-formal design characteristics addressing a broad range of tastes and dinner table occasions.

The purpose of this article is to examine two categories of collections that go beyond the limits described by above mentioned titles. One category comprises formal&fine dinnerware embellished with real platinum and gold bands, the other contemporary china and stoneware, especially as it is envisioned by Calvin Klein, the iconic designer who contributes to several related industries.

Calvin Klein collaborates with Mikasa in practically every major brand department: dinnerware (plates, mugs, bowls, and other items) flatware (knives, forks, spoons), and stemware (glasses, goblets, champaign flutes). His stark, often geometrical and angular style injects Mikasa selection with unique individualistic qualities; palette in particular become an area where he experiments with surprising colors, including glossy black, brown, pinkish cream, and others. In effect, Calvin Klein products constitute a master collection with several sub-divisions.

Both Cheers and Swirl patterns imitate this organization, venturing into the glassware and flatware departments (compare to Lenox, Noritake, and Pfaltzgraff) as well. Let's take a closer look:

Mikasa Pure Red Set
Mikasa Pure Red Set


  • Calvin Klein: simplicity informed by subtle new age and orient (feng shui) influences becomes the quintessential trait that underlies the entire assortment designed by the famous personality. Even to the most experienced homemakers the china, stoneware, and silverware they operate with can lose some of their interest : Calvin Klein is rare in that it seems his tableware escapes this exhausting effect.

  • Cheers: a pattern of over fifty different listings, including dinnerware, stemware, and crystal, the latter two categories (glasses and vases) being the largest. The title, therefore, is not incidental – clinking glasses (Martini, Wine, Goblets, and others) and cheerful mood transpire well from the festive, playful etchings.

  • Swirl presents a classic linear adornment that provides an important casual alternative to the luxurious Countryside, Arabella, and other luxurious bone china. Emulates Pfaltzgraff earthenware and stoneware.

  • Precious Metals (platinum, gold) banded dinnerware complements Mikasa china inventory with touches of high-end class and elegance, allowing the natural tones of the metals – warm yellow and cool gray – to speak for themselves on the white porcelain backdrop.


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