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Mikasa Crystal, Stemware, Glasses, Vases Review: Goblets, Wine, Martini, Champagne Flutes, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Crystal Stemware

Mikasa crystal and glassware products – several hundred of various glasses flutes, goblets, pitchers – divide into two design categories. The first contains classically built, primarily traditionally designed stemware that suits formal and semi-formal occasions – but will function perfectly during intimate family gathering or other informal celebrations (in fact adding them a touch of flair).

The second category is aimed at festive and relaxed parties where fun and sheer joy dictate the mood. This segment, contrary to the above mentioned, generally displays simple figurative ornamentation, often resembling garlands and sparkles; color (bright and rich ruby red, cobalt blue, amethyst purple) also contributes to this particular fun quality – whereas gold and platinum banding enhances the formality of the traditional glasses.

Just like Mikasa do with their bone china and flatware, crystal products arrive in collections and in sets, securing a consistent aesthetic style; in terms of architecture, few brands can match (Lenox stemware approaches) the variety and versatility of the selection. Yet perhaps the most striking feature becomes the range of geometrical diversity – it seems that Mikasa designers employed all conceivable modifications of pyramid, cylindrical, square, balloon, bell, and other shapes.

Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses
Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses


  • Goblets arrive in either roundish (sphere, oval, bell, flower blossom), or more experimental angular (pyramid, square) designs. Most of the glasses, all crystal made, exhibit classic stemware traits: conservative embellishment, usually limited to a basic linear etchings (restrained floral ornament).

  • Flutes demonstrate slender, refined crystal shapes combined with elongated stems – lightly built, they accord well with the effervescence of champagne. Delicate floral embellishment entwines some of the patterns, but never so notably as to block the color of the wine. More conservative collections approach goblets in volume.

  • Wine Glasses comprise Mikasa largest stemware section: here the more fun-oriented glasses get more space besides the orthodox patterns; such bestselling titles as Cheers, Arctic Lights, Florale, Cocoa Blossom, and others dominate the assortment.

  • Beer, Martini, Shots, Balloon, Iced Beverage Glasses: described by the brand as “specialty” items provide the needed crystal serveware for cocktails, punch, and other types of party and celebration spirits.


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