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Milk Frother - Choosing the best electric milk frother for your needs

Updated on January 7, 2012

The art of making the perfect cappuccino is a much debated topic every day in New York City. For the rest of the world, we are happy just to be able to put some froth in our milk and add it to our coffee. There is such a thing that can do this and it is the milk frother. But how do you know which milk frother will serves the function you want it for.

Budget milk frothers

You can choose from a hand-held pump operated frother, a whisk type milk frother, an electric water proof milk frother or a hot steam frother and even a plug in version. You basically want a milk frother to froth some milk, but how much at any one time is the question. Milk foam is made by adding air to the frothing process during agitation of the milk.

Battery operated milk frothers

Decide on how often you will use the milk frother and adjust you budget accordingly. Do not worry about where you will store a milk frother, because they are relatively small and can be chucked just about anywhere in a kitchen cupboard. Coffee lovers are usually the ones who have a cappuccino maker in their home, and are used to coffee machines having a milk frother attachment .For them, steam milk frothers are the only way to go with hot air providing the aeration necessary to froth the milk .Seems to me like quite a chunk of money for just wanting to froth some milk which is why you can get a simple milk frother for any expected number of cups you will need to make. For example.

A simple milk frother that you can hold in your hand like an electric egg beater should work fine to add some foam to the milk in your favorite cappuccino. A simple frother like this will do the job if you are at home and just want it for your own needs. Expect to pay in the region of US$25.

Electric Milk Frothers and Espresso Machines

Now what if you have a reasonable number of persons staying in the same house or you have friends who visit often enough to take the time and make some cappuccinos. Then an electric or battery powered type of milk frother with a propeller attachment is probably your best bet to add some frothed milk. You do not want to do it all by hand, but you do not want to break the bank either. These hand held frother options are reasonably basic, but less strenuous in use. The whisk or propeller attachment will generate enough froth for a few cups because the milk will froth as it turns. If you are tired of cracking and chipping you favorite mugs, then you may want to consider a stainless steel milk frothing jug which will limit damage to your delicate china and coffee mugs. You can expect to pay in the region of US$ s10 to US$ 20 for a milk frothing jug and about US$ 25 to US$35 for a basic hand held electric frother.

Milk Frothers for what your needs are

If you feel that you will definitely make ample use of an electric milk frother, then put some consideration to the small price difference between the simple electric units and the sealed and easily washable milk forther units. Submerging any electric appliance is never recommended especially in a dishwashing machine, so be sure to rather wash your milk frother in your kitchen sink. If you are going to make regular use of you new milk frother, then it should not be worth while putting a coffee machine in your home. Although some coffee machines are reasonably priced, I have seen some that cost up to $ 3000 to $ 5000 for popular branded professional units. So sometimes a simple electric milk frother is all you really need. A great milk frother should only cost you around US$40 to US$50.

What type of coffee do you make ?

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