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Milwaukee 5615-24 1.75-Horsepower Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip Fixed Base Review

Updated on August 1, 2010

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"I like to spend time on woodworking as it is my hobby. I've tried other routers, but this is the best tool! The palm grip gives you a feel of control. No tool is required for changing the base of this Milwaukee router, but for my old routers I have to use two wrenches to change bits. Micro adjustment and power switch work great too!"

"As a professional carpenter, I would recommend this Milwaukee router as a MUST HAVE! I just love the big case. I can put all the pieces of the router in the kit. The performance is solid and reliable. Compared to other expensive routers, this is a hassle-free tool. I believe you will also be impressed after giving it a try."

"I have used many different routers, but this is the first one I have ever owned. I decided to buy it because it is well-built and easy to operate. I love the features of the height adjustment and the easy base-changing."

Click Here to Buy Milwaukee 5615-24 1.75-Horsepower Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip Fixed Base

For a beginning woodworker, one of the important woodworking tools that he/she must have to get the woodwork done perfectly is a router. Milwaukee 5615-24 1.75-Horsepower Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip Fixed Base is exactly the tool designed to offer its values to every woodworking lover.

The Milwaukee 5615-24 multi-base router features an additional new heavy-duty plunge base, which has exceptional design and functions for a perfect woodwork. The plunge base provides a stable plunging operation by the four-point bushing design and constant spring tension. The macro/micro depth adjustment system allows precise action by the 1/64 increments and three-metal depth scale and adjustable router. The depth rod system also contributes to an accurate plunge cut adjustment by the quick release button and locking screw. The macro/micro linear depth adjustment and above-the-table height adjustment are the dual features of the award winning BodyGrip Fixed Base, which is built for the highest level of precision. The Milwaukee manufactured motor creates 1-3/4 maximum horsepower to tackle any tough job. The valuable Milwaukee 5615-24 Multi-Base Router Kit includes a heavy-duty carrying case, dual-position dust shield/collection system, 2 polycarbonate sub-bases, concentricity gauge for precise centering of template guides, 2 size sub-base assemblies for small holes (1-3/16-inch center) and large holes (2-1/2 inch center), 2 forged steel collet wrenches, 1/4-inch & 1/2-inch premium 8-slot collet and nut assemblies.


  • Accurate macro/micro adjustment system to 1/64" increments, three metal depth scale, and adjustable pointer
  • Valuable plunge system with 4-point oil impregnated PM bushing design
  • Six-position dial for various and exact routing
  • Durable and well-built aluminum motor housing and base
  • Quick base changing enabled by a fast release motor


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