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Milwaukee 6190-20 Cold Saw Review

Updated on October 24, 2013

Top of the Line Cold Saw

A cold saw can be a big investment and this tends to scare off a lot of people. After all you can get an abrasive saw for much less money and it will cut the metal perfectly fine. However for work that requires precise cuts you are definitely going to find that a cold saw is worth the extra money. Cutting metal with one is just like cutting wood with a miter saw, you can make an accurate cut right where you want it with no need for grinding afterwards.

If you are going to invest in a cold saw you are going to want to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. A cheap saw is usually a false economy as they don't do the job very well and usually don't last very long. One of the better cold saws on the market is the Milwaukee 6190, this review will help you decide if it is a good option for you.

Things I Like About the Milwaukee 6190

The best thing about the Milwaukee 6190, at least for me is that it is completely tool less. I used to have a Makita chop saw which I quite liked except when it came time to change the blade which was a major hassle, particularly after a few years of use; the bolt was pretty much stripped by that point. The quick release on this saw works great so changing the blade is a breeze. Given how often you have to change blades on a metal saw this is an important consideration.

The other thing that I really liked about this saw is that the base is elevated a good distance off of the ground. This ensures that you won’t run the blade into the ground when you are using the saw, something that a lot of other cutoff saws have a problem with, I have ruined a lot of blades because of this with other metal cutting chop saws. .

The 6180 is well built and sturdy as you would expect from Milwaukee, their tools are almost always well built. There is plenty of power so you will have no trouble getting through even the toughest of materials. The saw is smooth and it makes nice accurate cuts with few if any sparks and surprisingly little noise. All in all it is an excellent cold saw that can rival any of the top saws in its class..

Things I Didn't Like

There is not a lot that I don’t like about the Milwaukee 6190, the biggest criticism that I have with the saw itself is that it is a fairly heavy saw. This is not a huge issue for me personally as I use mine in my shop but if you are going to be using it at a job site the weight might be a problem.

The other issue that I have with the 6190 is one that I have with a lot of cold saws, particularly the high end ones and that is that for some reason it comes with a very low quality blade. Why a company like Milwaukee would sell a top of the line saw with such a poor blade is beyond me but they do. Plan to buy a better blade at the time that you purchase the saw and factor this into the purchase price.

Should you Buy the Milwaukee 6190?

There is no doubt that the Milwaukee 6190 is a fairly pricey chop saw, although not unreasonably so for one of its quality. It can however be hard to justify the price if you are not doing a lot of work that requires making accurate cuts with metal. For occasional use or if you just need to make rough cuts you can get a good quality abrasive saw at a fraction of the price. However if you are going to be doing a lot of cutting you are going to want a good quality cutoff saw and that is definitely what you will get here. If you are going to invest in a cold saw this is definitely one to consider as it is one of the better ones available.

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