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Mini Washing Machine

Updated on January 3, 2010

If running out of space in a room, such as a kitchen it might be well worth the effort to look at the availability of a compact, economical and space saving appliance, such as a mini washing machine. These mini washers still feature a variety of washing cycle options, with different lengths of washing, soaking, and rinse cycles. Often sitting on casters, so offers ease in portability - and often really quiet.

A convenient option in situations where space is in demand, such as a small studio flat, a cabin on a watercraft, or a small travel trailer. Space saving appliances are always welcomed by all those in need of reclaiming precious floor space in a compact area. And in view of there miniaturized sized these small washing machine use significantly less energy when compared to there energy gulping full counterparts.

Compact Mini Washing Machines

A full capacity load isn't quite up with a full-sized machine, but model dependent, some of these portable washers are able to accept a 2/3's load - which isn't too shoddy consider how much clothes could be washed in just one wash cycle. Almost all features, settings, and cycles of a full-sized model are present, with the ability to spin dry, built in softener dispenser, and a much more.

A portable mini washing machine is also ideal in situations where a standard washer - dry hook-up isn't in situ. These mini washer are a classier machine for those living in a small apartment, and wish to avoid the frequent trek down to the community laundry with small children in tow.

One popular model is the Avanti Eco Egg mini washing machine which works well for small loads, such underwear, shorts, sock, etc., and is perfect of those living in a small studio apartment. It can still be necessary to wring the clothes out when a cycle is complete, but it's certainly better than have to learn over a basin and hand wash. The Eco Egg is 17.9 x 13.8 x 13.8, holds up to 2lbs of washing, and offers a wash & rinse, wash only, rinse only, and soak wash cycle.

As a compact mini travel washing machine calls on less water usage, energy, and space these appliances are perfectly suited to those on the move, such as a small cuddy cabin or recreational campers - where having the ability to do a load of laundry is desirable.

Whether it’s for a large, small, or single-person household these appliances make washing on the move or at home a simple and convenient reality for all. Miniature sized kitchen appliances are also seen in the shape of a refrigerator, a washer dryer, as well portable mini washing machine and dryer combo units.


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