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Minimizing HVAC Repairs Through De-Stressing Your System

Updated on August 3, 2016

For a number of reasons, no one likes having to call in an HVAC repair company. And while the cost of an HVAC specialist can be high, even more aggravating can be the time during which you wait with a home that is either too hot or too cold to bear. These times can be fraught with stress, high tempers, and low patience that disrupt the household.

However, there are things you can do to help minimize the stress on your HVAC, so that repairs are kept at bay. Even better, these HVAC stress-reducing actions can be done by any homeowner and with positive results. Here are some steps to maintain your sanity and the stress on your HVAC system.

these tips. If you have HVAC related questions, talk to a local HVAC specialists, such as those at Aabbott Ferraro. Minimizing the Need for HVAC System Repairs

  • Change the filter. This may seem obvious and overstated, but the reality is that it is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to minimize the stress on your HAVC system. By changing the filter as often as recommended by your manufacturer your system will not have to work as hard, and your home’s air will be cleaner, too.
  • Be sure that your units are not covered with debris or a cloth covering of any kind. This will make your system attractive to outdoor rodents and birds looking for a place to keep warm. The critters will also chew on the wiring and casing, which create more stressors.
  • Clean the coils out when the temperature begins to get warmer. The outdoor coils transfer the air from outside to inside, and then convert it appropriately. When the coils are not clean, your system has to work harder.
  • Unblock the venting. Along with spring cleaning your house, be sure you take time to move things that may have been piled on top of the supply and return vents. The easier it is for the air to move throughout the HVAC system the better it will work. Take time to check vents in rooms you don’t use, and note to see if the damper is working properly.
  • Be sure the Freon levels are where they should be. Inadequate levels can cause your AC system to stop working.
  • Check for any leaks along the ductwork or any vents. Have these repaired as it will not only keep your system from working as hard, but will save on energy costs, too.

By not waiting to take action on minimizing stressors on your HVAC system, you can also lower the chance of getting stressed out from major HVAC repair issues. Take the time now to implement these tips. If you have HVAC related questions, talk to a local HVAC specialists, such as those at Aabbott Ferraro.

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