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Minnesota Gardening: Using Flower Box for Tomatoes and Peppers

Updated on June 8, 2016


The advantage of having my tomato and pepper plants in the flower box is four fold. I like the fact that they are near my front door and that they are low maintenance. The water spigot is directly below the box and has a short hose for quick watering.

The flowerbox was designed and built by myself. I purchased small Styrofoam coolers from the dollar store and they function very well as a planter box. They keep the soil at a good temperature and a hole, punctured in the bottom or on the side, keeps the water from pooling. I have a gravel base in the bottom and potting soil/horse manure mixed above.

Bedding Plants

I did not grow my own bedding plants, but purchased them from the greenhouse at my local Fleet Farm. For $1.99 per plant, I was able to fill several coolers for a small price.

I planted a variety. We like cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes, and bell peppers. Those are the plants I chose. The potting soil is good for 9 months of feeding the plants plus I put a couple cups of dried horse manure on the top for that extra boost.

Time will tell how successful I am, so, as they grow, I will try to update with new pictures.


The following pictures show the placement of the plants, the Styrofoam coolers, the manure. Hopefully, all will grow and flourish.


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