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Mirage Wood Flooring Review for hardwood floors

Updated on December 16, 2010

How Good are Mirage Wood Floors?

When it comes to hardwood, Mirage Wood floors are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to flooring.  And many people who have had them installed will tell you that as far as quality goes, they pretty much get 5 stars consistently.  There is one downside to choosing Mirage though;  The wood materials are shorter which makes it not as desirable to some.

All this said, the shorter material doesn't make as much of a difference as some would believe.  Once the flooring is installed, you can expect a picture perfect appearance even though they use shorter planks.  The best part about Mirage is that they have a huge wood floor selection that will likely satisfy anyone's tastes;  from solid wood to pre-engineered styles and all of their hardwood comes in a variety of stains and finishes.

For example, Mirage wood flooring has herringbone designs that rival Karhs and at a cheaper price as well as dated flooring such as white hardwood floors that have the faded appearance found in many homes built in the 80's.

The one downside to Mirage is that they don't actively sell their products online, instead focusing their efforts on customer service and detailed quality.  With Mirage, it isn't about quantity as much as it is about quality.  Instead, you will have to deal directly with an authorized Mirage hardwood store to choose your flooring.

Mirage Wood Flooring Makes Good Hard Wood

Customer service and a good guarantee is what anyone should look at when selecting a flooring company.  Since Mirage places such an emphasis on taking care of its customers, they have ranked consistently on the best of list of hardwood floor manufacturuers.

Can you find Mirage Flooring Online?

Just because you can't order Mirage hard wood online directly from the company, there are places that you can check.  Places like eBay and other auction sites sell hardwood but you shouldn't buy your floors without making sure that the quality is top notch and the craftmanship is there.  In other words, while you may be tempted to cutting out the middleman and purchasing online, you may get a shoddy product.  After all, you are about to spend $1,000's of dollars on something that could increase equity in your home....wouldn't it be a good idea to know what you are going to get before you drop the money into it?

If you insist on ordering hardwood online, in the very least, find a dealer that you can get samples from to ensure that it is what you are looking for.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      We installed our Mirage click wood floor in the last two months. It is very pretty and I do like the finish which is softer than the shiny one. But it dents when you look at it. We are older and do not use our home very hard. No animals and grandkids only occasionally but I too dread what this floor will look like in a year. Even carefully sliding out the refrigerator to clean left a dent! Unless you seldom use your room--- get tile. I wish I had.

    • profile image

      Laura Latt 

      3 years ago

      I had been told and read how Mirage's engineered flooring is the best quality, great durability because they use a hard birch underneath it. I have had my floor in for one week. Very little has been done here as far as foot traffic, shoes, etc. and the floor has scratches and dents. It appears to be a very soft wood floor. I have read other sites tonight and many others have the same complaints about their Mirage flooring. Evidently, some say Mirage Reps have claimed their scratches and dents are from normal wear and tear. Now seeing it for myself, this is not normal wear and tear. Stay away for Mirage flooring and all the false claims they and others make about durability. I dread seeing what my floors will look like in another year.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Mirage floors makes a beautiful floor but their definition of quality and durability may be different than what one would expect. I did a lot of research on floors and was led to believe that Mirage was one of the best. However, after only 3 months and purchasing and installing close to 1200 SF of flooring, I have unsightly scratches in dozens of locations. It looks awful. Don't believe any misleading information from Mirage around Janka scores. That refers to hardness and preventing an indent if something is dropped on it. However, if you don't want scratches in your floor than stay away from Mirage. In particular, stay away from their Maple floors. They appear to be very, very soft and don’t have much of a coating on them to protect from scratches. There are other suppliers who offer options to allow for better wear against scratches or allow for easier repair to cover scratches. These floors were wood, not engineered. I want to make sure consumers are aware. I will be posting my experience on numerous sites to help others to not make the same mistake that I did. If anyone has any suggestions on where else to post so that consumers are better informed, please let me know. Or, please post this. It's all about consumer awareness.

      I have pictures and video that I am happy to share in order to prevent someone from making the same mistakes that I did.

      Mike (Delaware)

      Please contact me at

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      what kind of flooring Maple? engineered.

      did you line up the work through Costco?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree, it shatters. Also it seems to scratch very easily. I am not very pleased with it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      We purchased a Mirage Floor last year and I cannot recommend it to others. It was professionally installed by Boardwalk Floors and looked great but if something is dropped on the floor is SHATTERS - it does not just dent. When the Mirage Floor rep came to visit us he reported that the quality of the wood is NORMAL. We have had hardwood floors in the past and I do not consider this to be normal


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