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Mirror, Mirror: A Large Mirror Needs To Be On Your Wall!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Large Mirror Is Not Just For Fairy Tales

The evil queen in Snow White isn't the only character fascinated by a large mirror. It has become very popular to decorate a home with a large mirror. A large mirror can be a stunning focal point or a showcase for other decorative items.

Placing Your Large Mirror Is Critical

The key to placing a large mirror is to ensure there is ample space and support. First, choose where you're going to place your large mirror. If there are any items in the way, temporarily move them to allow you room to work. Follow all safety instructions included with your mirror, and ask for assistance if you need it.

The best thing to do is locate your wall studs. This can be done by tapping on the wall and listening for a solid sound. The space between studs will produce a hollow thud. There's also the option of using an electronic stud finder. This saves guesswork and test drill marks in your wall. Once the studs have been located, place your screws into the wall, leaving them exposed about a quarter inch.

A large mirror can extend the perceived size of a room
A large mirror can extend the perceived size of a room

Now you need to prepare your large mirror for hanging. Some mirrors come with wire attached and are ready to be hung, but if yours doesn't have one you can purchase a picture hanging kit. They include an assortment of wire, anchors, tacks, hooks and wall nails. Follow the kit's instructions for attaching the hooks on the back of your mirror, placing each one on either side and towards the top right and left corners. Use a ruler or tape measure to ensure the hooks are perfectly even. Now you can attach the hanging wire to each hook. Give it a tug to make sure it securely fastened.

Your large mirror is now ready to hang on the wall. Place the wire over the slightly exposed screws you've anchored to the wall and adjust the mirror back and forth to make sure it hangs level.

Large beveled mirrors can form an entire mirror wall
Large beveled mirrors can form an entire mirror wall

The Selection Of Your Large Mirror

Before you go out you should always check your look in a handsome round mirror, a beautiful wall mirror, or a lovely full length mirror to make sure that you're "all together." There is no better place to do that than in a pretty full-length mirror, glamorous vanity mirrors, an alluring bathroom mirror, an appealing floor mirror, a charming antique mirror, a delightful make up mirror, or an eye-catching compact mirror. Why not really go all the way and invest in a few giant large mirrors?

When selecting a large mirror keep in mind that large mirror frames can be very heavy thus if you're going to choose a hanging large mirror you will need to secure it properly to the wall. Now you can turn your attention to the style and shape of your mirror so you will have to make up your mind if you prefer a large round mirror, large wall mirror, large floor mirror, large oval mirror, large beveled mirror, large decorative mirror, large mirror tiles, or a large bathroom mirror.

There is no end to the innovative shapes of large mirrors
There is no end to the innovative shapes of large mirrors

The Wonderful Design Of The Modern Large Mirror

 A large mirror reflects a lot of light and can easily enhance your room's paint color. You can now take a step back and admire the newest design element of your home!

A Strikingly Beautiful Mosaic Framed Large Mirror

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