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Mirrored Furniture: Exploring its Design Advantages

Updated on July 11, 2010

Mirrored furniture has been popular for centuries but the art deco movement that had home decorators making artistic statements in people’s living rooms elevated the popularity of the mirrored furniture piece to new heights.

No longer were bedrooms stocked with a furniture dresser with mirror alone. Now your entire bed frame was made out of mirrors, the drawers of your dresser had mirrors in them, and maybe even the ceiling had a mirror.

Home decorators went mirror crazy until the style had been completed exhausted and worn thin. Eventually, when you use an element too much, no matter how popular the fashion trend is it will turn on the tacky side and become unpopular. Mirrored furniture went from refined to gaudy and people stopped using it so much. The problem is, now that the style has fallen out of fashion, people are losing out on some of the great advantages mirrored furniture has to offer a room’s décor.

If you use mirrored furniture with a little restraint you can really breathe some fresh air into your living quarters. By using a single accent piece in a room instead of a complete ensemble you can achieve the benefits without over doing it. Here are some of the major advantages to using mirrored furniture in your home:

Makes the Room Appear Larger:

Have you ever lived in a small apartment? Most people have and most who have will tell you that filling the apartment with mirrors completely eliminates that sick claustrophobic feeling. The way mirrors reflect their surroundings make them almost invisible to the eye and that makes it seem like you have more space than you actually do. Mirrored furniture creates a spacious optical illusion that instantly expands the room.

Makes the Room Look Clean:

Old wooden furniture can look dirty and worn down but mirrored furniture retains a certain clean look to it. You can just wipe the mirrored surfaces down with Windex every couple days to keep your place looking neat and tidy with little effort.

Keeps Light in the Room:

Natural light is a great thing to have in a home. If you want to get the most out of your windows you can use mirrored furniture to reflect the light from outside and keep it inside. A few pieces of with accent mirrors will have the light bouncing inside your walls rather than dissolving into the darkness of non-mirrored furniture.


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