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Modern Bathroom Designs

Updated on May 3, 2017

Bathrooms are not often talked about but they are one of the most frequently used and essential rooms in the home. People in one survey reported spending an average of an hour a week in the restroom from just using the toilet. Because of the large amount of time spent there, designs and components have evolved significantly over the years to include sleek, modern appearances and additional comforts. Here are just a few examples of those new features.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are often considered a luxury alternative to the standard shower head. They are designed to mimic the natural flow of rainfall while still providing enough water pressure to feel clean and refreshed. Due to their wide structure, they are often designed with the bath or shower itself to accommodate their size and unique, horizontal placement. However, they can be adapted with special hardware and added into areas with available space as well. Rain shower heads do run more expensive than standard options. Not including any adaptable parts or professional installation, they start at $50.

Thermal Tiles

The Moving Color Studio touts itself as the innovator of temperature-sensitive, color-changing, thermochromic liquid crystal art and building materials. One of the available materials are bathroom tiles. These specially designed tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including a touch sensitive version that will leave a temporary but clear imprint of a hand when touched.

Though they are not limited to use in a shower, when installed there, the warm water reacts with the temperature sensitive material to create brilliant colors on the wall. This can be especially popular with children, who can enjoy touching and playing with the changing colors. A sample tile can be purchased at $33, but the average cost before installation for the standard 4" by 4 3/8" tiles is $17 or $149 per foot with reductions for volume discounts.

Horizontal Shower

At Swissbau in early 2012, the company Dornbracht presented the horizontal shower. This new design has users laying down under six rain-style streams of water and is marketed more towards relaxation than practical use, making it more of a replacement for a bath than a shower. Programmed settings aim to energize and de-stress with varying and choreographed fluctuations of water flow and temperature.

CEO Andreas Dornbracht spoke on the benefits of its use, noting, "Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is washed away with the water; body and mind are revitalized." However, this particular product requires both a significant amount of space and a hefty investment. Even before installation costs, it comes to $35,000.

Touch Faucets

Touch or motion sensor faucets have been around for some time and are frequently seen in restaurants, stores and other public locations throughout the country. Their main purpose is to prevent the spread of germs and help get a better clean in avoiding touching a dirty handle before and then after cleaning as well. It also helps to prevent water waste by ensuring that the water is only in use as it is needed.

Today, these faucets have become an affordable option in the home as well and offer more decorative designs, with some varieties and models at less than $100. These are also generally easy to install and can be completed by homeowners as well.

Temperature-Monitoring Shower Head

There is a lot of guess work that goes into getting the shower to the perfect temperature, but a new feature from Delta offers a solution if sticking with a standard style. The Temp2O Technology shower head displays the temperature of the water with a color coordinated display. Temperatures below 80° show a blue backing, between 80° and 110° show as magenta and anything greater than 110° shows as red. This can be exceptionally helpful for parents with children to maintain a comfortable temperature for their little ones. The fixture can be purchased directly through Delta approved retailers at around $100 and can be easily installed.


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